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Is it really worth doing a christmas HAM?

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joymaker Thu 06-Dec-12 20:57:18

I have never got round to making one for christmas, even though I love ham. On top of all the turkey meat stuffings and pate that tend to be around is it really worth making the effort? Am I missing out?

If so kindly divulge your favourite (uncomplicated) tasty recepe grin


zinaida Sun 16-Dec-12 02:40:54

Poach in gingerbeer and glaze with ginger preserve, it's so Christmassy!

joymaker Sun 16-Dec-12 23:25:43

Gosh so much choice, now not sure which road to go down. Angryfeet what is the taste like, not too sweet?

MaryMother I like the sound of cider and I have a slow cooker. Is the texture and flavour more like casseroled meat rather than roasted though? How much liquid do you add?

Same queston to you zinaida, how much liquid? I love ginger grin

janji Mon 17-Dec-12 00:06:07

Can you do the cola ham in a slow cooker. Novice as only just bought one and only done stews!! Step by step help needed if poss?!

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