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Secret Santa for a man. Help please.

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Thanks. Think I'll do cheese. He's quite 'posh' so a scarf or tie for a fiver would be unlikely to find favour, I don't think. Cheese, chutney and nice crackers maybe?

BluelightsAndSirens Thu 06-Dec-12 21:49:28

Tub of haribos?

I bought a set of those hand warmer things from boots for £6, my secret Santa is always complaining about cold hands, he also hates the concept of pot noodles so I will be giving one of those as well <evil cackle>

mazzi2fly Thu 06-Dec-12 21:38:17

I just bought this
LED Keyring It's not very exciting but it's very useful. I have a similar one and it's so handy.

Thanks for everyone's ideas though!

Waswondering Thu 06-Dec-12 21:21:53

- A wind up torch? I gave dh one in his stocking last year (got it in Boots!) and he loves it!
- Haribo sour mix
- A mug with some hot choc sachets
- A scarf (thinking somewhere like Sainsburys/Primark etc might fit the price)
- um ........

2tired2bewitty Thu 06-Dec-12 21:20:08

Remember it's secret, if he hates it he'll never know it was you. also picked difficult bloke out of the hat

Celticlassie Thu 06-Dec-12 21:18:44

Another vote for calendar. I gave a match of the day desk calendar a couple of years ago?

BonfireBaby Thu 06-Dec-12 21:18:00

Agree with nice cheese and/or some kind of condiment
Or what about pack of cards with interesting design

dustyhousewithdustypeople Thu 06-Dec-12 21:13:52

A mug or a calendar?

purpleroses Thu 06-Dec-12 21:12:34

Executive toy?
Pot plant?

BikeRunSki Thu 06-Dec-12 21:11:55

A small Stilton or pot of posh chutney.

mazzi2fly Thu 06-Dec-12 21:10:34

Sorry I'm not any help but joining in for any ideas. I've to buy for my boss also £5 limit. I have NO idea what to get him....

5 pound limit. I don't think he drinks. He is very straight-laced and proper. He would be horrified by a 'joke' present.



Any ideas much appreciated please. Am stumped.

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