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Please Send Round Robins

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Kendodd Wed 05-Dec-12 22:09:44

I love them!

I've never sent one myself, mine would be too boring! "Took kids to school, came home..."

MyNutcrackerSuiteAudrina Wed 05-Dec-12 22:22:51

I couldn't do it either.

"Discovered that frozen garlic cubes are cheaper in the long-run than buying fresh and having the bulbs go off before you can use them up zzzzz....."

Unless of course everything was dressed-up as a not-so stealth-boast as is the tradition of round robins. You could do all sorts walking the DC to school - learning Mandarin, singing opera. Nobody would know grin

anja1likesChristmas Wed 05-Dec-12 23:13:30

I must admit I find them boring - at least some of the ones I receive. "in January we flew to Antigua - In February we went Skiing - In March little star got a trophy for scuba diving and in April big star got promoted..."

The best one was a couple of years ago when someone was a bit to frank I thought (and someone else thought too) about a rocky patch in their marriage hmm

So I don't send them (barely read the ones I receive) but I manage to write a couple of paragraphs of personalised chat in my Christmas cards... Which is why I send very few. Very shock at postage costs for sending abroad today! Only happens once a year and it seems to double every time!!

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