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Vegetarians! What are you having for your Christmas dinner?

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 05-Dec-12 18:52:36

I do a vegetarian lasagne for Boxing Day (with garlic bread and pizza for DS)

My DC aren't vegetarian but DH and I are. We have Quorn roast (not the Linda Mc one, that really is vile).
With all the vegetables and side bits, I don't want to be doing anything too complex.
Though I have done a White Nut Roast (Good HouseKeeping recipe) , a cheese choux filled with mushrooms or filo tart 'stars' filled with roasted veg.

The Delia Smith recipe for the roulade (breadcrumbs and roasted nuts as the base, then cheese souffle then filled with pureed carrot and swede) is gorgeous but too much last minute faffing on the Big Day.

SantaWearsGreen Wed 05-Dec-12 18:04:06

We had mushroom wellington last yr and it was gross. This year we were going to have the Quorn roast but once again, gross. I wanted to make a nut roast but DH protested, he's not keen. So I just thought bollocks to a main, what is the point when we are having soo much other food.

We're having stuffing, roast taties, cabbage mash, honey glazed parsnips&carrots, Delia's braised cabbage and apple, sprouts, broccoli& cauliflower cheese with onion gravy. Plus mushroom soup and fresh bread for starters. I don't think it leaves much room for a main anyway!

We are spending Christmas with DH's family so I won't be eating food that I really fancy, just going along with it.

Anyway, if I prepared my own Christmal meal, I think it would be curry or nut roast with a huge greek salad.
For dessert, probably apple crumble or cheesecake. I'm easy to please grin

RubbishCrackerPuller Wed 05-Dec-12 15:34:57

I made a nice veggie Wellington one year with layers of caramelised onion, chestnut stuffing and cranberries. Everyone ate it including the meat eaters and it was even nice cold the next day. Can freeze it too so had one to keep.

Think it was from the BBC food site.

mum47 Wed 05-Dec-12 15:29:33

Am joining this as I don't know what to have either! A good veggie lasagne and all the trimmings sounds nice. I bought a Quorn roast last year but tbh it was nothing to write home about. Will lurk and see what other ideas come up. smile

FernandoIsFaster Wed 05-Dec-12 15:26:37

What I always have - and this will out me - vegetarian lasagne with all the trimmings! My mum used to say when we were children that we could pick our favourite meal to have on Christmas day as we obviously couldn't have turkey (whole family veggie). I chose lasagne one year and it has stuck ever since. Goes surprisingly well with all the normal Christmas trimmings and you can even carve it smile

BornToFolk Wed 05-Dec-12 15:18:45

I'm looking for something lovely to have for Christmas dinner. It'll be me, my mum and 5 year old DS. The only restrictions (other than no meat!) is that it does not contain mushrooms or really strong cheese (I'm thinking blue cheese or goat's cheese) as DS is not keen on either.

In previous years I've made a chesnut and parsnip loaf with cranberries which is lovely but rather sweet and lots of the side dishes I have in mind this year (red cabbage with apples and cranberries, glazed parsnips and sweet potatoes) are also on a sweet side so I think I need a really savoury main dish.

Any ideas?

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