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argh - lost my web link to perfect sudoku toy thingy for DH

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AndIfATenTonTruck Wed 05-Dec-12 14:44:17

Please please can anyone help find this toy which I should have just bought as soon as I found it online...

It is based on sudoku. But 3-D. I have found plenty of 9x9 cubes, that's not it. It is a dodecahedron (I think) with triangular (I think) plates that each have dots on the corners, and you clip them together so that the dots add up to 9 where all the points of each of the flat pieces meet.

It must be on some gift website but I can't remember which. I have looked at A LOT of websites in the past couple of weeks without buying anything and now I am panicking slightly.

If it helps I think it was between £10-15 but might have been less. It will keep him quiet ALL DAY, I tell you.

IveBeenGoodSantaIPromise Wed 05-Dec-12 15:05:16

Could it be Think I might of seen it there?

AndIfATenTonTruck Wed 05-Dec-12 15:26:50

I quickly searched that site today but if you think you have seen it there I will try again thanks!!

insanityscratching Wed 05-Dec-12 18:48:25

Is it this?

shouldIbecrossaboutthis Wed 05-Dec-12 18:56:16

did you find it? i want one!

AndIfATenTonTruck Wed 05-Dec-12 19:08:05


Happy wifey!

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