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I can't think what to buy my parents...

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AngryFeet Mon 03-Dec-12 17:37:33

They are in their late 50's and very well off, own their own hotel so spend most of their time working and are a nightmare to buy for! It was my Dads 60t last month and we bought them theatre tickets and vouchers to a Gordon Ramsey restaurant which they loved. Am totally stuck for ideas now. Last year we did a food hamper.

What are people buying their parents?

BirdyArms Mon 03-Dec-12 17:42:41

Photo calendar of the grandchildren is what both our sets of parents really like, I buy them other stuff but they aren't generally very interested in it! I sometimes manage to get my mum an item of clothing that she really likes - last year I bought her a barbour quilted jacket.

This year I am going to make them some homemade things - going to do jars of chocolate fudge sauce that was in the guardian on Saturday and going to make birdseed stars with the kids. But still looking for a few more ideas myself.

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