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Anyone up for a Greedy Coeliacs' Xmas Thread?

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SpringHeeledJack Sun 02-Dec-12 21:03:39

just that, really

am just over a stomach bug and spent two hours shoving my way thro Sainsbos ^on my own^- these two factors combined have made me obSESSed with Christmas Food

anyone got any recipe ideas, link em on here

and also feel free to RANT about the plethora of fucking pastry snack ads- TOWERS of pastry snacks- gah!- yeah, you, MandSWaitroseIcefuckinglandSainsburys etc etc

sorry to post and dash- off to watch Homeland

Will bump tomorrow

<gives secret wheat free salute to all>

Terrywoganstrousers Sun 23-Dec-12 23:29:19

Yes, a lot of stuff doesn't seem to last <annoying>, but freezing is sometimes a good compromise when wanting to do stuff ahead.
My blini recipe also has buckwheat- I've used buckwheat in a Leon pancake recipe which was very nice and turned out beautifully so am fairly confident it'll be OK. I didn't want to do on Christmas day as I will have so much else to do but I have considered it as I will have to heat the blinis through anyway. I'll see how I feel tomorrow and how long it takes me to sort out the shower of shite that Waitrose have caused with their fucked up delivery tonight which arrived at 10.30 pm instead of 6-8pm, only half complete and without turkey or cheeseboard or any veg at all.

MaryChristmaZEverybody Sun 23-Dec-12 23:31:42

Can I just mark my place here as ds has a friend who is/has Coeliac (what's the correct term?) and I'm sick of feeding him gluten free sausages and eggy (gluten free) toast.

I'm fine with main meals, but the snacky filling Christmassy things that teenagers love are hard to find sad.

Terrywoganstrousers Mon 24-Dec-12 00:24:32

It does require more planning Mary( and unfortunately deeper pockets
I find)

MoreBeta Mon 24-Dec-12 09:17:28

GF cakes and pastry and bread definitely better on the day. Yhey seem to get quite dry if left over night. I freeze most GF cakes though so I always have a stock of things to take out when I need them. It seems to work quite well but I dont put them in a fridge as that always make them dry as a brick.

mintchocchick Mon 24-Dec-12 22:21:34

Did you get your turkey Terry? Sounds very stressful.

We have our blinis made which are lovely, cake finished, gingerbread done and fabulous cheese straws. So all ready for our roast beef lunch tomorrow - just the yorkshires which are a worry as they're a bit unpredictable.

Lawabidingmama Mon 24-Dec-12 23:49:09

It's our first gf Xmas!! DD1 who is 2.9 was diagnosed in feb, we tend to eat gf as a whole family to cut the risk of contamination and so she's included in everything! Only gluten we will be having tomorrow is my homemade cheesecake as could only find gf digestives made with its flour she can't have oats yet so figured I would just use normal digestives and she can have ice cream for pud! I'm delighted my mince pies have turned out so nice as usually pastry is a bit tricky I find! Doing stuffing with gf sausage meat and found gf pigs in blankets in co op whoop! Only thing I'm nervous of us the Yorkshires as mine are hit and miss!

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