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What would you like for Christmas?

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clam Sun 02-Dec-12 21:00:07

OK, so it's the controversial subject of 'lists,' so if you're going to be offended, stop reading now!

I'm in the fortunate position of not really needing anything, but dh/kids/ILs/parents have all begun asking me what I might like. World peace, a cure for cancer aside, what sort of treat-y things would you like to receive?

BahSaidPaschaHumbug Sun 02-Dec-12 21:02:47

A stockpot and some bakeware.

LynetteScavo Sun 02-Dec-12 21:10:44

What I really want is a new pair of oven gloves (I like the EB dotty ones)

Not a big ask, bug I bet I don't get them. I will go out and buy them myself a few days after Christmas.

I have already bought the bag I want and given it to DH to wrap up.

Now, if we are talking anything in your stoking I would have; an ipad, some new light fitttings (I can't decide which ones, so if someone could come up with the perfect onces, I would be most grateful).

Some Uggs (I know, I know, but I will never actually buy any for myself)

Some chocolate. I will buy myself some. Nobody else will buy me any.

Some nice scented candles. See above.

Also I would actually like some new crockery and Tupperware. I might actually get the crockery.

Oh, and a new fluffy white dressing gown and an fully down duvet and a channel lipstick.

devonsmummy Sun 02-Dec-12 21:14:02

Dressing gown
Everyday boots
Haircut & colour
New glasses!

devonsmummy Sun 02-Dec-12 21:14:51

And lots of Lindorgrin

LynetteScavo Sun 02-Dec-12 21:25:56

Ewww Lindor! I give all of mine to DH, who thinks they're great. (They'e not, they just taste like margarine and cocoa powder mixed together)

Valdeeves Mon 03-Dec-12 23:39:41

I'd like (but will never get in a million years):

a Mulberry handbag
Chanel lipstick
Smart Lipo (postnatal wobbley bits gone!)
Ted Baker complete winter outfit
New brown knee length boots for every day.
Designer jeans
Spa day
High heels from office
Eyelash exstentions

Ha ha - that's a lot! In reality I think it's no presents this year as we are saving for a house. Spending the budget on our kids.

sweetheart Tue 04-Dec-12 10:14:31

I've asked for:-

boxing gloves
one of these
A weekend at a bootcamp
A very thin gold bracelet like this
Cheryl Cole and McFly books

I think I'm quite easy to buy for but my family are always telling me I'm hard?!?!?hmm

craftynclothy Tue 04-Dec-12 13:10:56

I have a wishlist on Amazon this year. It's mainly so I can keep track of stuff I'd like to buy (things like fabric scrap packs and crafty bits that I buy with birthday money etc.) but Dh wanted a copy of it and asked for a copy for the IL's.

Dh has bought me some custom made crochet hooks for Xmas and a skirt that I tried on while we were out one day. He'll get me a couple of little surprises to go in my stocking from the wishlist I expect.

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