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COUNTDOWN ! 24 sleeps !

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MrsChristmasVamos Sat 01-Dec-12 21:00:26

So, there were several of us last year who did a countdown, just had a look and can't see a thread for today, so I thought I'd start one. grin

24 sleeps !

Would be lovely to see some familiar nutters names ! grin

MamaPizza Sat 01-Dec-12 21:26:08

<pokes head through the door>

Hello fellow nutter grin

MrsChristmasVamos Sat 01-Dec-12 21:39:22

Hello Mama ! How the devil are you ?! smile

steph2412 Sat 01-Dec-12 22:24:55

Can i join in?i am just so excited!

WhatWouldSantaDo Sat 01-Dec-12 22:32:52

<marks place> smile

MrsChristmasVamos Sat 01-Dec-12 22:34:28

Everyone can join ! The more the merrier ! grin

MrsChristmasVamos Sat 01-Dec-12 22:34:54

Looks like Mamas in bed. She does that. Pops in then buggers off. wink

MrsChristmasVamos Sat 01-Dec-12 22:36:02

Oh, and the rule is, if you get on MN and see no countdown thread, START one !

Tomorrow's title is 23 SLEEPS !

And so on. grin

WhatWouldSantaDo Sat 01-Dec-12 23:36:25

It's already tomorrow where I am! smile

MamaPizza Sun 02-Dec-12 07:54:55

I was in bed indeed. Will start 23 days if there is none yet grin

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