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It's December!

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GoldMyrrhAndNonsense Sat 01-Dec-12 04:26:38

Can't believe it's December already! This is the first year since I've had DC that I'm not prepared. Lots of lists will be written this morning.

BabiesNeedInstructions Sat 01-Dec-12 04:19:08

Ds is 8 weeks and has already had a cold too courtesy of his big brother.

We have 2 ACs here for ds1, a lovely wooden Victorian-esque one with drawers and the £1.99 choc-tastic Cadburys monstrosity. Will be interesting to see which he prefers!

3bunnies Sat 01-Dec-12 03:33:47

Dh wouldn''t get ac down last night, part of me wants to go up now and get it down from loft, I know exactly where it is.

iloveholidays ds (youngest of 3) was ill solidly from dec-mar when he was little (sept baby); which was awful as he needed urgent op, but they kept postponing. In the end they went ahead anyway, they said that maybe in 3 weeks he would be better, but given his track record not to hold our breath and the op had to be done. We went ahead. He was fine. 3 weeks later his cold went, and baring chicken pox at 18 months he has hardly had any illness since. Hopefully your dd will be the same.

reastie Sat 01-Dec-12 03:28:12

yay! no babies to feed here but a nocturnal toddler with an insomniac for a mother confused

iloveholidays Sat 01-Dec-12 03:23:52

Definitely seems like babies with older siblings suffer more, I'm sure Dd1 didn't have a cold for months!!! I've had 2 solid weeks of going from one illness to another with the DDs so hoping they're over worst of it and we can enjoy Christmas!!

Happy December too. Roll on morning!!!

ValiumQueen Sat 01-Dec-12 03:07:09

Another one with a small baby with a cold and up feeding. Not even got the advent callendar out yet. That will be our first activity to find it! Just one home made reusable one this year. With drawers, so activity and sweet or toy for the girls. Thankfully baby is too small to partake, but I will eat his chocolate. Happy december!

Chottie Sat 01-Dec-12 03:03:58

I can't wait to go downstairs and open the first door on my Advent calendar smile I know it's sad, but I just love them. Christmas is nearly here smile

iloveholidays Sat 01-Dec-12 03:00:19

How old is DS? I'm up again already... She's got a cold and cough so sleep seems worse than usual, not that she goes that long anyway. She is 3 weeks tomorrow

BabiesNeedInstructions Sat 01-Dec-12 02:10:21

Yep, I'm up again feeding ds already. Only 2am, another 2 wakings at least to get through before morning. Festive yawn.

iloveholidays Sat 01-Dec-12 01:19:14

Yay. Can't wait for DDs to find elf and the advent calendar!! smile shame I'll be up another 2 times before then feeding DD3!!! Big yawns sad

TerraNotSoFirma Sat 01-Dec-12 01:14:47

Yay. In the morning I will let rip with the festive tunes. Then watch 'The family stone' at night.

BabiesNeedInstructions Sat 01-Dec-12 01:00:27

That's it really. Advent calendars at the ready!

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