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What are you buying for 5 year old girls?

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Dancergirl Thu 29-Nov-12 23:22:52

I need some inspiration!

So far I have got dd:

Ballerina doll (Corolle)
Rapunzel dress up dress
Unicorn huggle buddy

Want to get a couple of other things. I was thinking maybe a Lego Friends set perhaps....?

Glittertwins Mon 03-Dec-12 19:59:52

You went for the croc then?

Dancergirl Tue 04-Dec-12 23:34:00

Yup, cnoc 16 I think it is.

Ordered yesterday and Isla said it would arrive within a week. It arrived TODAY! How's that for customer service?

jenbird Tue 04-Dec-12 23:54:58

My dd (5) is getting:
A micro maxi scooter and a handlebar heroes horse to go on it
Little mermaid DVD
A Sylvania family
A jigsaw
A mosaic set
A small Lego set
Some coloring books
A watch
A Christmas day outfit
A purse
Some tattoos

Gosh that looks a lot written down - most of them are small stocking fillers I have picked up over the year in the sales.

ifink Wed 05-Dec-12 05:24:35

mine DD 5 is getting
a truly awful my little pony baby newborn big doll (this was top of her list)
zhu zhu hamster, a hamster baby and some accessories (they are heavily discounted here in Oz - picked up the nursery set for $4 and a castle thing for $10)
tom and jerry dvd
hello kitty umbrella
hello kitty lipgloss
socks and tights
scooby doo album
fancy nancy book

Glittertwins Wed 05-Dec-12 05:46:12

Very good Dancergirl! I remember seeing a message they'd put on their website back in Sept about ordering early because of unusual demand (post Olympics?) to get bikes in time for Christmas so either that rush never happened or its been and gone. Hope she likes it smile

GoldenHandshake Wed 05-Dec-12 13:02:58

DD is 4 going on 14 but is getting:

Cabbage Patch kid ballerina doll
Angelina Ballerina shop and dance studio
x10 books from the book people
Disney brave dvd, book and puzzle
Very hungry caterpillar board game
Penguin pile up game
Playmobil swimming pool
Playmobil camper van
Playmobil harbour cafe
Playmobil beach mini set
Moshi monsters treehouse
x2 new dresses
Leapfrog tag reading system
Chipmunks 'The squeakuel' dvd
The Nutcracker dvd
Jewellery box (musical with a twirling ballerina)
Unicorn pillow pet
Innotab 2
Tea trolley set

Moshi monsters
Chocolate lindt bear
net of chocolate coins
scooby doo mini library
Mini lalaloopsy
Snap game
Colouring pens

applecrumbleandcream Wed 05-Dec-12 16:00:50

DD (6 in February) is getting:

Pink 3DS Nintendogs (second hand from Gumtree) with 2 games
Guess Who Extra game
Bop It XT
Crazy Chefs game
Hello Kitty game
3 x Disney dvd's
Hama beads ballerina set
Tracey Beaker annual
One Direction annual
Baby Annabel
2 dolls in a pram (pointed this out in Smyths)
Craft set
felt tip pens and Xmas colouring book
Cutie Pops doll
Lego Friends cafe
Play doh drill n fill
Sylvania Families Cottage Hospital
Sylvania Nurse
Charm set
Disney Rapunzel wedding doll
slipper boots
new ballet shoes

chocolate coins
chocolate santa
tube of Jelly Tots
pack of squinkies
magnetic doll dressing game
mini books
1 Direction stationery set
mini lip balms
mini nail varnishes

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