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Anyone know if Moshi Monsters Tablet is any good? :

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Purplepeach Mon 26-Nov-12 01:03:19

Hi I'm looking for a Tablet suitable for my 4 year old little girl for Christmas. I've seen the Moshi Monsters tablet but can't find that many reviews. I'm wondering if it is value for money or just a too gimmicky. I've thought of the inno tab 2 but tbh v tech games and extras have always been too costly to me. Does anyone know if the Moshi monsters tablet is a good buy? Or does anyone have any other tablet recommendations? If I can't decide on one then a ds is my plan B. thanks peeps. :-)

Canweputthetreeupyet Mon 26-Nov-12 09:36:01

Hi i have been looking at these myself, there are a couple of reviews on argos website and they dont rate it. So i dont think im going to bother.

frazzled74 Mon 26-Nov-12 09:51:28

no dont buy it, rubbish quality and the one i got broke 2 days after purchase, switch wouldnt turn off. I would buy a ds or a cheap tablet that you are able to download moshi games on to.

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