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Finding it hard to pre Christmas declutter!

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Littlebearlost Sat 24-Nov-12 23:45:03

Ds has so many toys. I've sold quite a few that he's grown out of already, or charity shopped them etc.
But we have some space consuming toys that I want rid of but am finding it hard because he still likes them! For example he has three trainsets! All large, a brio one, a Trackmaster one and a geotrax one. Of all of them he plays with geotrax the least simply because it is so space consuming so I can't stand getting it all out very often. When it is out he play withs it a lot for a day or so and then ignores it and I put it all away again. The brio isn't so bad, it's on a table and the Trackmaster is in his room. The geotrax has to go doesn't it? I don't think he'd really notice, he is only interested if he sees it. At the moment it is in large crates in the spare room but I have bitten the bullet and put it on eBay but feel terrible about it!

Reassure me! I need to be able to see the carpet, if some things don't go we will have disappeared by after christmas underneath loads and loads of toys.

peanutMD Sun 25-Nov-12 10:36:35

You have nothing to feel guilty about! My DS has a Hornby set taking up half of his room so when he asks for Skaletrix or huge Lego sets he gets told no because we just dint have the space.

I do feel bad but it was his choice to have the Hornby set (he is daft on them) and he needs space to play with other stuff so big sets are not allowed here.

gregssausageroll Sun 25-Nov-12 12:16:53

We started last weekend. Ds had a train table with trains. Hardly played with so it is boxed up ready to be sold. He had a huge meltdown when he realised it was gone but with what he wants from Santa it had to go. Dh is taking him ut to the park shortly so I will get in and about the boxes and boxes of plastic tat!

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