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So, hampers instead of presents for my family?

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TellMeLater Sun 25-Nov-12 08:57:29

Think it can often be incredibly pricy, you have to buy loads of things to make it look generous and it require much more work, I wouldn't do it unless I was sure they'd appreciate it.

cuppawithbiccies Sun 25-Nov-12 08:39:59

Well I'd appreciate getting a hamper of stuff as a gift. Wouldn't put chocolate and smellies together incase the chocolate picked up the hints of soap IYSWIM.

SweetMingePie Sun 25-Nov-12 08:29:08

I'd get them one large hamper. Some nice hot chocolate, nice coffee/tea, fancy biscuits, some nice chocolates, something snacky, and something for them individually in the hamper as above.

evilhamster Sat 24-Nov-12 23:29:40

I was thinking about presents. DD got the first present we've bought for Christmas in our family this year <unorganised and proud>

It was a Matt 2012 book for someone abroad who misses the cartoons and likes them a lot. It was, in my opinion, a good choice.

So I started thinking about presents.

I know a lot of people have Christmas Eve hampers, but if you gave your whole family hampers, would it be taken differently?

This is roughly the list
- 2 DC aged 10 and 6. Last year their DD (the 6yo) gave DD (12) 50p. I'm not angry at her, but I just know it won't be much this year and she'll end up shouting or even hitting DD when DD is nice and spends so much time with her. However, for the hamper, I was thinking, Christmassy sweets or chocolates, quite a lot, and maybe smaller toys/arty things hidden amongst them, looking nice in a baskety thing with a ribbon.

- SIL. She's really, really difficult to buy for. I was thinking one of those Hotel Chocolat slabs, some chocolatey things too, maybe some soap and toiletries, all in a pretty hamper with a ribbon?

- DB. Probably all things to do with jokes/cartoons. I was thinking of making a hamper with a jokey mug, cartoon collection books (like Alex etc;) and other things with them on, to make a sarcastic hamper.

Would it be alright? Or just one large gift?

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