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Help me plan Elf's arrival

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iloveholidays Fri 23-Nov-12 22:49:25

I've completely forgotten what I'd planned for our Elf's arrival (blaming lack of sleep with 2 week old DD3). Seeing at its the 1st next Saturday I thought I ought to get organised. Please help...

I've bought the "official" elf on the shelf so it's come with the book in a box. Do I take the elf out to put on mantle piece and wrap book or wrap entire box? Planning to leave out with the advent calendars and maybe one of the festive DVDs I've bought. Aware DCs not allowed to touch so working out the practicalities.

I've read about doing passports, letters etc... Where do I get templates? should I be doing this in advance of next Saturday?

I've bought a couple of Xmas DVDs, few Xmas books, Xmas activity/colouring books, letter to Santa template, Xmas cookie cutters, art and craft stuff etc (poundland was fab for this) so planning for the elf to leave these out for DDs on random days when we've not got anything on.

I'm happy with the daily hiding thing, just need to sort out the arrival and if there is anything I should be doing before we start smile

First year (as you can tell) and can't wait!


AudrinaAdare Fri 23-Nov-12 23:08:21

It's up to you smile. Mine is arriving after we take the DC to see Santa in his grotto at the local garden centre. I may or may not collar Santa and get him to mention it grin but last year we found Jingle sitting in DS' car seat as we went to leave.

He is bringing the advent calendars and the dvd. He'll probably be found reading a few of the Christmas books I've bought this year too for nights when I've run out of ideas. Your presents sound great - might go to Poundland tomorrow!

iloveholidays Fri 23-Nov-12 23:36:42

Thanks. DD1 is only 3.9 so doubt she'll question it too much anyway. I got a couple of bits in the works as well. Thought I'd get a few Xmas activities in as my art and craft skills aren't great!! smile. Hoping it'll get her excited about the build up and give us lots to do.

pigleychez Fri 23-Nov-12 23:48:19

Agree that its up to you. Theres no set rules.

Last year was our first year and I wrapped the whole box and it arrived overnight after Santa had sent it down the chimney using his magic.
We sat and ready the book together before placing elf on the shelf for his first watching day.

This year we have already watched the DVD (the girls caught me buying it and DD1 at 4 was far to aware to be fobbed off!) and the Dvd shows Elf being delivered by the front door. Left on the front door step and the doorbell ringing so i guess we will try that this year.

I made a blog last year

iloveholidays Sat 24-Nov-12 03:54:28

Thank Pigley... I think I've read your blog a few weeks back when I was icing whether I start the elf tradition this year. Given me some fab ideas so big thanks smile

Did you place the elf on the shelf? I.e are adults allowed to touch?

Hoping to get the DVD, another thread has mentioned it's on offer in matalan so going to venture down there tomorrow.

Think I'm going to try and print a load of activities off the Internet too. DDs have had a strange couple of weeks with DD3s arrival so keen to start focusing some time on them and get them excited about Christmas.

NoHank Sat 24-Nov-12 08:46:06

This year we are planning on putting up the tree when the DC's are in bed on Nov 30th so that when they get up on the 1st it is there waiting for them.

Our Elf will be under the tree sat on the hamper we have prepared with new PJ's, DVD's, chocs and books and their advent calendars. Can't wait to see their faces!

We tried to keep to them not touching the elf, he usually disappeared during the day so they could find him again in the morning. We don't do the official version though, just tend to make it up as we go along.

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