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Christmas Eve film suggestions.......

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ThinkingAboutBoden Fri 23-Nov-12 10:49:19

I am thinking of showing a film for my family (children in particular) on Christmas Eve (not a revolutionary idea I know!) as a harmless, anticipation building and lovely evening's activity for everyone.

I was thinking of Polar Express as I keep hearing and reading about others mentioning that film as a bit of a Christmas tradition (I haven't seen it but did read the plot on wiki!)

Anyway, my question is, is this an appropriate film for my children (aged just 2 and 3.4 but granted 2yo won't really pay attention for the whole thing anyway!) to get them all excited but not raise any weirdness about Father Christmas' existence?! Do you know what I mean? Basically, my babies are too young to even have a thought in their heads about FC not being real so should I show a film that's a "keep the magic and believe" type storyline or would that whole thing go over their heads anyway?

Any thoughts - or suggestions for a.n.other films that you think are lovely Christmas-y family classics?

Thanks for your help!

hugoagogo Fri 23-Nov-12 21:08:26

Muppet Christmas carol

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