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lego monster fighters for 4 year old boy?

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robinblue Thu 22-Nov-12 10:29:17

Hi all, Hoping you can help me with this. My son just turned 4 in Sept and is mad about lego. He has lots of lego city and some cars movie lego sets and he's well able to make them on his own following the instruction books (e.g. he can make a lot of the police station). Anything aged 6-12 seems to be fine for him.
Recently though, he's seen some ads for Monster fighters and is obsessed with the castle. At first I thought no way would he get that as it's aged 9+ and I thought 1. It might be too difficult and 2. It might be a bit scary for him (don't want him to grow up too fast!).

However, there seems to be a lot of play value in it compared to some other sets. And he keeps asking me to tell him stories about the Vampire and the other characters.
Other options we have are the Fire station lego (which we've been encouraging to ask for but really he shows so little interest we think it's a non-runner anyway) and a cars 2 lego set with plane and 5 cars (seems good but not that much in set for the price).

Could anyone who has experience of the monster fighters lego let me know what you think? Would it be too difficult for him or conceptually too scary? Or any other ideas? Thanks a million for your help!


ObiWan Thu 22-Nov-12 10:42:29

My 4 YO is getting the mad scientist and mummy sets. He'd love the bigger sets, but we are rather overburdened by Lego this year.

Harry Potter and Star wars Lego have been the most loved sets so far, even though my 4YO is not really familiar with the films/games, he makes up his own stories for the minifigs.

Pirates of the Caribbean was good too, those sets had skeletons and things who were just lumped in with the other 'evils' to battle the goodies.

I have never known a child to be disturbed by Lego, it's all just so many bricks as far as they are concerned.

I mean, if a plus point of any other toy was said to be that you could pull the heads and legs off and stick them somewhere else, you'd run a mile.

Lego is special grin.

My DS got the Monster Fighters castle for his 7th birthday recently. DH and I ended up building it all as it's quite fiddly and complicated, DS can do stuff for his age range but this was a bit too hard for him. It's a great set for playing with (trapdoor, spike traps, secret staircases etc) but does tend to fall apart if you move it around too much. I would think he's a bit young at 4 I'm afraid - sorry.

robinblue Thu 22-Nov-12 18:38:26

Hi there,
Thanks for the replies. I'm still between two minds about it.. it's reassuring to know other 4 year olds are into making the older sets though so I'm thinking he probably won't be too scared by it. From what you both say, it'd probably be more of an imagination toy for him rather than taking apart and rebuilding as he likes to do, as he'll probably need help with the construction side of it... which would be fine too. As it'll be his main toy I just wanna make sure he'll get good use out of it.


beingagoodmumishard Thu 22-Nov-12 22:50:18

have you seen the lego mine series? You can get a mine with various vehicles including crane, small train. Then there are various vehicles you can buy separately

robinblue Thu 22-Nov-12 23:17:44

Yeah, I've shown him that series but he hasn't shown any interest in it. Looks good though.

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