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Gift lists. :-)

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Onlyhappywhenitsnows Mon 19-Nov-12 09:58:37

Murder mystery tickets for evening on steam train with three course dinner, hoping she will take me!

iPad Bluetooth speakers

DVD boxsets of some terrible American show she likes.

Gran (very old)
Christmas hamper with lots of sweets, chocolates and drink

Cherry my very own kitty (furreal hideous creation)
And quite a bit of other stuff

Best friend
DVD boxset
Three months worth of cake in the post from not on the high street. She is pregnant and will appreciate being sent cake.

Other friends: orla scarves (thanks mn), jewellery etc

Absolutely nothing. What the hell am I going to get the man who has everything?! Ive thought and thought and have concluded that the answer is nothing!

SlightlySuperiorPeasant Mon 19-Nov-12 18:46:51

Get your DH an Amazon voucher and some chocolate Brazils and some nice undies for you grin

Where's the murder mystery thing? I'd like that!

We don't do expensive presents. My gift list so far:

DH: dunno confused He wants a watch but it's £££ so not likely.

DS: Mini Micro scooter and helmet.

DD: nothing. She'll be just 7 weeks old so won't care.

DM: nice bracelet.

DF: chocolate Brazils.

DBro: a book of some sort.

MIL: not sure.

FIL: not sure.

SIL1: chocolate-covered strawberries.

BIL1: chocolate truffles

DNephew1: Billionaire Boy.

DNephew2: Go, Maisy, Go!

DNiece: A Christmas Star.

SIL2: nice bath bomb set.

SIL3 and BIL2: A Christmas Story advent calendar.

DNephew3: A Christmas Star.

BIL3: handwarmers and gloves.

scentednappyhag Mon 19-Nov-12 18:51:36

Mum- Tshirt and handbag
Step dad- smellies and wine
Dad- tartan mug and jumper
Sister- jumper, fluffy socks and croutons (outing myself here if anyone knows us grin)
Nan- two jumpers
Grandad- posh bath foam and wine
Mil- posh candle, chocolate and wine
Niece- handwarmers and gloves
Nephew one- check shirt and avengers toy
Nephew two- jumper and stuffed giraffe
DH- signed book, DVD box set, jumper, funny Tshirt
Dd- play kitchen, electronic guitar, story books with CDs, shoes, dress, tights and chocolate coins.
...I'm giving a lot of jumpers this year...! grin

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