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Stocking fillers for a nearly 2 year old boy

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BuntyCollocks Fri 16-Nov-12 12:25:54

Can someone recommend some little things I can pop in DS's stocking? He'll be getting a penny for his bank, chocolate coins, and a clementine (as per my childhood Christmas stockings!), but I really can't think of some low cost non-crap stuff to put in there.

Don't want bubbles or crayons, as he snaps them after a while, and bubbles just cause a screaming match when they get taken off him. But, some little, nice pressie suggestions would be great!

I'm going to get the nursery rhymes finger puppets and wrap them individually as he adores them at nursery, but at a loss otherwise!

jojane Fri 16-Nov-12 12:29:07

Little cars, Thomas trains, expanding flannel, character toothbrush, character socks, little board books, duplo figures, rubber duck, happyland figures

jojane Fri 16-Nov-12 12:29:23

Instruments - bells etc

PoppyWearer Fri 16-Nov-12 12:29:42

Bath toys. A while back Poundland had three little plastic boats for £1, just get a couple of packs of those, or rubber ducks. Bath toys need replacing regularly anyway! Otherwise the stocking stuff is all bits and pieces that never get used.

I have given up wrapping stocking stuff. It was taking my DD longer to unwrap her stocking than her big presents!

PoppyWearer Fri 16-Nov-12 12:30:35

Musical instruments is a great idea, Tesco had some for £1 each last Christmas and I put a maraca in DS's stocking.

OhTheConfusion Fri 16-Nov-12 12:35:29

DD will be 16mths at christmas. I have got her a tambourine (is that how you spell it?!?), maraca and a little 'clacker' from wilkinsons (they had ladybug and frog styles), Joules bath crayons (super chunky and fun), packs of raisins and dried fruit and a buggy book so far.

MaryPoppinsBag Fri 16-Nov-12 12:42:34

Yes yes to Thomas trains - its our tradition although it might be the last time for DS1(7).

Happy land is a good idea, they do great little figure sets.

I like to pick things up on holiday from the places we have visited - last year I got Paignton Zoo coasters - DS1 was in awe - 'How did Santa know?'

I got some cute knitted Donkeys from a Donkey Sanctury this year. (it means more to me than some of the tat you can buy)

The Scleich animals are good too. And will last your DS for ages my 7 year old still loves small world.

Wooden instruments a again from the zoo - zebra and giraffe print.

Santasinmypudenda Fri 16-Nov-12 12:48:12

Little libraries off amazon are £4ish
Those little plastic animals
90p cars from tesco

Marne Fri 16-Nov-12 13:17:59

tooth brush
Crayola washable pens
magic flanel
Chocolate money
Pot of play dough and some cutters
Bath toy/rubber duck
Crazy foam (for in the bath)
Toy cars

gemdrop84 Fri 16-Nov-12 13:54:50

we put in dd's at that age a nightie, pants, socks, vests, bubble bath/flannel, toothbrush/toothpaste, something like a slinky or chattering teeth, small cuddly toy, small book and a kaleidescope.

Cakecrumbsinmybra Fri 16-Nov-12 14:19:41


gemz86 Fri 16-Nov-12 16:46:57

Has your LO got a favourite tv program/charecter? If so you could get little things with them on. My ds will 27 months at Christmas and his stocking will have mostly practical stuff in it. He has new big boy pants, slippers, a new drink bottle and cutlery set. All of these have fireman sam on as he's the new favourite. He also has a thomas the tank wash mit and bath crayons. Other than that it will be a pocket crayon set, bob the builder puzzle box, DVD and book. These were the kind of things I remember having in my stocking when I was younger. I've tried to pick things that will get used and not opened and forgotten about once the main presents get seen. I love the musical instruments ideas and may look for a few of them abs my ds loves his bongo and guitar x

Lyftiduft Fri 16-Nov-12 23:19:20

mine (2 a few days after xmas) is getting Tesco cars, small chocolate Santa, big boy pants, dinosaur socks, couple of Playmobil 123 people, Schleich animals, crayons/A5 pad of paper, a little xmas popup book I found in a charity shop, little wind up dinosaur, stickers and of course a satsuma. And probably a little bag of Organix gingerbread men, the treat of choice here!

Want to get him some of those foam sticky things for the bath too, maybe letters or numbers, he has Nemo ones and loves sticking them on, pulling them off, sticking....

Think I'm going to wrap stocking presents in tissue paper for ease of opening.

1978andallthat Sat 17-Nov-12 00:05:16

Dd is same age and her stocking has:

A kids cd
A kaleidescope (couple of quid from Tiger)
A Minnie mouse plastic plate from Disney store
A Peppa pig flannel
Chocolate coins
Maybe some stickers or a magazine but not bought yet

DesperatelySeekingSedatives Sat 17-Nov-12 09:41:30

DS who will be 18 months at christmas is getting a tambourine, a bath duck with his name on, a magic face cloth, a new cup, a car to go with his toy garage he got for his birthday in the summer and some socks.

He is also getting bubbles smile along with other traditional loot like chocolate coins, satsuma and more chocolate.

Merrin Sat 17-Nov-12 18:23:46

A rubber duck or two.

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