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my turn to cook Christmas dinner. please help

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littlemoon14 Fri 16-Nov-12 09:37:33

well i have to cook christmas dinner for 6 adults and 2 under 5s. The only problem is am not a great cook.

Any ideas on what i can serve that is simple enough.

I was looking at the M&S deal that have heard mixed reviews

DewDr0p Fri 16-Nov-12 09:52:29

I think planning is key with Christmas Dinner. Work out a detailed timing plan of when things need to go in/come out of the oven and also check you have enough pans, roasting dishes etc for everything you want to cook too. Think about what time you want to eat too, making Christmas dinner later in the day gives you more time to get your act together!

If you're nervous then either draft in some help or look at buying in some items. You can get very nice bought stuffing. Also don't feel like you have to do everything - the simpler you make it, the easier it will be.

You could also have a think about what you could make in advance. Braised red cabbage (I made this one ) can be made in advance and even frozen. For other veg I just steam some sprouts and carrots, there is so much on the plate that I like the contrast. Roasted parsnips are also nice and pretty easy. You could buy veg preprepped or rope in a willing volunteer?

You can also make gravy in advance (or buy it) and just add meat juices at the last minute.

I cooked a turkey for the first time a couple of years ago and was incredibly nervous but if you think of it as a big chicken you'll be fine grin Give it plenty of time out of the fridge before it goes in the oven. A decent bird will help. I used this turkey recipe and it turned out brilliantly. I've also cooked a large chicken before now.


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