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Give up a Gift for Africa - Great Stocking filler idea!!

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TheMummyBean Thu 15-Nov-12 15:07:30

Give up a Gift foe Africa - //

As well as stocking stuffed with goodies we always 'give up' the value of one of our DD's gifts and make a donation to charity with it on her behalf.

We think it is a good way to teach her the importance of giving to those less fortunate.

This year we will be doing so for The African Children's Choir who have a campaign called 'Give up a Gift for Africa'.

Just a £10 donation, but instead of that millionth DVD, our DD feels pride in helping others. They even send you a link to a Christmas Card that you can print off and put in her stocking, replacing the gift that would of been there - which is great for talking through with her how she has helped.

You can do so too here

TheMummyBean Thu 15-Nov-12 15:13:43

Give up a gift FOR Africa - doh! Don't know how to go in and edit that blush

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