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Have you seen any Christmas silicone muffin/ice cube trays??

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caffeinated Thu 15-Nov-12 10:47:15

Need some moulds to make teacher gifts but haven't been on the high street and wondered if anyone has seen them on their travels.

ClaimedByMe Thu 15-Nov-12 10:48:48

I saw one on the lidl website this morning.

ClaimedByMe Thu 15-Nov-12 10:50:28

MadameCholetWasMyFavourite Thu 15-Nov-12 11:55:48

I bought some Christmas tree shaped silicone trays (about 6 shapes per tray)from out local 99p store for....99p. I was planning to make small peppermint bark trees for my DDs to give to friends

Celestialcloud Thu 15-Nov-12 12:32:40

B and M bargains had trees and bells and stockings ones a couple of weekends ago.

And I got a snowflake one from ebay for £4 - took about 2 weeks to arrive though.

oddslippers Thu 15-Nov-12 12:36:23

Matalan have Christmas trees and snowmen, 99p

caffeinated Thu 15-Nov-12 12:39:19

Thanks folks I am gonna hit the shops.

SchroSawMummyRidingSantaClaus Thu 15-Nov-12 12:42:15

Lakeland have lots of Christmas stuff, even cupcake/muffin boxes shaped like wee Christmassy houses. grin

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