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Ds wants scooter but which one??

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Tommychoochoo Wed 14-Nov-12 21:42:54

Ds5 wants a scooter for Christmas. He had a little fireman Sam one when he was 2/3 but wasn't that quick on it ( I see some dc zooming down the road) He's started school and all his friends are on scooters to go home so he wants one too.
But which one, I really would love to get him the micro maxi but really don't have £100. All the 3 wheel ones seem to be 3+ but I'm not sure about getting him a 5+ 2 wheel one as he hasn't really had a proper scooter and don't know if he will get the hang of it straight away. (i seem to remember it taking ages to get his to get past walking with one foot on the board last time). Think I would prefer a 3 wheel one like the micro scooter but don't really want a
youngish one that he will have grown out of in 12 months. I can go up to around £30-£35ish Any suggestions welcome thanks x

noisytoys Wed 14-Nov-12 21:46:44

Maxi micro are almost indestructible and last until they are 12 ish so that's about £14 a year. Worth it for the quality

oreocrumbs Wed 14-Nov-12 21:55:29

Would you consider a second hand maxi? A quick look on ebay suggests you will pay £50 - £70 still though.

There is a 10% off code (MM21) for jojo maman bebe which will bring the maxi down to £85.50 delivered.

If you don't want to spend that much, how about taking him to toys r us or similar and letting him have a go on a few scooters and see if his co ordination has improved since last time. That way you can see him in action on a few different styles.

Tommychoochoo Fri 16-Nov-12 11:50:34

Thanks for advice. Would love to buy him a micro but simply don't have the money. If I spent £85 on him I would have to spend that on other 2dc. Thinking about speaking to grandparents etc as often get money for christmas and will ask if they want to give it early and I will get the micro maxi and explain its from everyone. Otherwise will go Toys r us and get him to try a few. Thanks againsmile

oreocrumbs Fri 16-Nov-12 14:50:12

Jojo maman bebe have a 15% off code valid untill Monday MTJ22.

That will bring a maxi scooter down to £80.75.

If you do decide to get it.

kiwidreamer Fri 16-Nov-12 15:07:34

another vote for the Maxi Micro if you can figure out a way to fund it, do you think the two sets of GP's would be okay with going halves??

ornellaia Fri 16-Nov-12 15:12:13

I'm getting DD a JDBug scooter for Christmas, I'd love to get her a maxi micro but I just can't afford it. The JDBug seems to get good reviews on Amazon and is about £50.

Windowbasket Fri 16-Nov-12 16:18:35

After much searching I've just bought this one for ds - £50 and free delivery!

Windowbasket Fri 16-Nov-12 16:19:05

oops sorry - link

amck5700 Fri 16-Nov-12 17:50:49

I'd get him a 2 wheel one - my two were on a two wheel from age 2 or 3 as are the kids in our street - doesn't take long to get the hang of it. If you are not sure then I'd initially just get an oz bozz (or similar) bog standard 10-15 pound one - it wont last forever but he'll have fun on it for a year and then you can decide if he uses it enough to make the investment in a good one.

SandyChick Fri 16-Nov-12 21:10:19

My ds (5) has this

He has had it since he was 3 but has only really used it since starting school. He uses it on the school run. It's a brilliant robust scooter. Would definitely recommend it. He is getting a 2 wheeled scooter from Santa this year.

I would just go for a 2 wheel scooter. He'll get the hang of it. Or just buy a cheap 3 wheel for now.

Lifesagame Sun 18-Nov-12 07:30:47

Another vote for maxi micro here. Agree almost indestructible.

I would however give some thought to what type of rider he'll be - we bought the maxi micro for my DS's 4th birthday. His friend has a 2 wheeler micro scooter which I know he secretly covets but he likes to go quite quickly on his scooter and that coupled with crap pavements and his noseyness (more often than not busy looking at something behind him no matter how often I say watch where you're going!!!) meant we opted for the stability of the 3 wheeler, just felt he would be safer on it.

RandomMess Sun 18-Nov-12 07:34:08

Get him a 2 wheel micro scooter such as the bullet - they are much lighter than the cheap brands and therefor easier to ride and balance on.

My DS had the maxi micro for his 6th birthday and although it has been great ( he is now 8) it is expensive and after a couple of years we have had to replace springs, bearings and grips, costing around £20. It has been hammered though, must have done hundreds of miles on it. Also, although a lot of his friends did get one at that age, none of them (apart from DS) are still using them aged 8, they all want two wheelers, so that is what he is getting for Christmas.

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