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Present for DD(11)??

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chicaguapa Wed 14-Nov-12 19:42:53

DD doesn't know what she wants for Christmas. She's just had a birthday and got a phone with her birthday money.

She won't want clothes as she's not into that yet. She already has a sewing machine, stunt scooter & MP3 player (which otherwise would have been good presents for this age group). There aren't any DS games she wants. Budget is around £50.

I'm usually really good with present ideas (DS(8) is getting Lego Rock band for the Wii with the guitar & microphone which I'm really excited about giving him as it'll be a complete surprise but he'll love it) but I have no inspiration for DD this year.

Any ideas from wise MN please?

racingheart Wed 14-Nov-12 22:05:01

What are her interests outside school? If she loves music, you could get her an acoustic guitar or a basic keyboard.

If she loves hanging around in her bedroom, could you get her some lovely accessories for her room, like lamps, rugs, cushions, giant beanbag etc?

Or you could buy her a red letter day. This is what my DC (same age) want. There's all sorts of choices, from chocolate truffle-making days, to air tunnel fake skydives, drive a ferrari etc, all around that price if you hunt out the good deals.

Or you could buy her tickets for you and her to go and see a West End show together, wrapped up in a big poster or programme for the show.

chicaguapa Wed 14-Nov-12 22:18:15

Lovely ideas! She's not really into music, she spends most of her time on minecraft or writing stories. Something for her bedroom is a nice idea, I wonder if it would encourage her to keep it tidy. hmm

I had a look at zoo keeper experiences as she loves animals, but they were really expensive. Didn't think to look at others, so will do now.

I'm thinking of a subscription to Beano as she's really into making and writing comics at the moment. It's an awkward age, isn't it? I might also have a look at Wii dance mats. She's not into dancing but she might enjoy the interactivity and jumping around.

I need two presents, one from each grandma. Both for around the same price.

MeDented Wed 14-Nov-12 22:21:46

Subscription is a great idea. Also have a look at Kids National Geographic if she likes animals, I think it is a fab magazine with loads of reading and interesting articles.

racingheart Thu 15-Nov-12 18:53:39

For some reason (I do have a life!) I was thinking about your DD today and wondering - if she likes sleepovers you could get her a sleepover kit: a z-bed for her friend, a popcorn machine or chocolate fondue set and a really cool low light lamp, like a salt lamp. If you shop around, the whole lot will come in at about £50.

If she writes stories and finishes them, you could make your own Lulu voucher. Lulu is a very good quality self-publishing press, and you could pay for her to get a collection of her work published. I think one copy of the book is about £25 but 10 copies is only a few pounds more, so she could hand them out to proud relatives, or sell them at school! here's a link to them. You could put it in a beautiful notebook with some lovely writing pens.

Or you could book her a master class with a writer, or a reading event with one of her favourite authors.

Marne Thu 15-Nov-12 19:41:26

A kindle? (slightly over budget)
Minecraft lego? (on Amazon)

MeDented Thu 15-Nov-12 23:58:56

I got minecraft lego from lego store for around £30 when Amazon were trying to sell it for around £50

MeDented Fri 16-Nov-12 00:01:39

OMG Amazon now want nearly £70 for Minecraft lego but Lego Store selling for £34.99 although out of stock at the moment they are estimating shipping as 12 Dec
I also got Lego Life of George app for ipod/ipad which looks fab

chicaguapa Fri 16-Nov-12 21:22:42

Thanks everyone. DS has the Minecraft Lego. I got it from for £30+postage. Keep looking as it comes back in stock.

She has an e-reader, or that would have been a fab idea!

The sleepover kit is also a great idea, but she has one of those beds with a futon underneath and already has a beanbag & lava lamp.

However, I've looked at the lulu site and she'd love a book in print. So will look into that a bit more. I would never have thought of that being in our budget.

meditrina Fri 16-Nov-12 21:25:30

There's loads of Minecraft junk merchandise on the official site and on Amazon. I was thinking of the t-shirt with either the creeper or the Minecraft periodic table for a similarly aged DC.

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