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Jack Daniels Christmas cake?

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PandaWatch Wed 14-Nov-12 16:02:19

Would it be a terrible thing to use Jack Daniels instead of brandy in a Christmas cake? DH has been bought so much Jack Daniels by family over the last few years but whilst he drinks it on nights out, he rarely has anything but the odd beer/wine/scotch at home so we've got bottles of the stuff!

So what's the general consensus on using it for a Christmas cake?

FedUpOfRain Wed 14-Nov-12 17:19:09

I have done this for exactly the same reason... and it wasn't great, just tasted a bit odd. I'm not a huge fan of Christmas cake, but it generally didnt go down well with others either. Sorry!

I wouldn't. The investment of ingredient cost and time is too much to have it taste off.

Can't you give it as gifts to other, different people? grin

PandaWatch Wed 14-Nov-12 17:28:31

Don't be sorry I'm glad you've warned me!

sigh I guess we'll just have to have a party and make lots of JD cocktails!

PandaWatch Wed 14-Nov-12 17:30:06

I've been putting of recycling gifts but I guess as long as we're giving it to someone who will actually appreciate it it's not too bad... grin

Some lovely recipes on this website...

this ice cream looks delicious

So keep one and try a few of those perhaps. The marinade recipe looks lovely too, so you could have a theme night...cocktails (from the JD website) savoury meats in marinade, choc cake and ice cream.

Yum....<<invite me>>

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