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Do you have an Islabike Beinn 24 and/or an approximately 8 year old child?

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Selim Tue 13-Nov-12 12:42:22

I have carefully measured all my dcs for Islabikes, my just 7yo is in the height/leg range for the Beinn 20 large, which is for age 6+. He is probably about average size abut only just 7 so I feel OK about that. However my 8yo (9 in Jan) is also in this category, albeit at the top end but I would rather get the Beinn 24 because it seems ridiculous to buy a very expensive 6+ bike for a boy who will be 9 3 weeks after he gets it.

What is more ridiculous, buying a 6+ bike (Beinn 20 large) for an almost 9 yo, the same size as his brother who is almost 2 years younger, or buying a 7+ (Beinn 24) when his inside leg measures 4cm too short?
His height is 1cm over the min height for the beinn 24.

ditherers Tue 13-Nov-12 12:46:02

My DS (currently 6.5yrs) has been on a Beinn 20 large since his 5th birthday. He is tall though and was spot on the min 51cm leg length. I wouldn't buy one for a 9 year old - that seems wrong.

I find the sizing normally spot on. Not sure what the min leg length is for the 24" but if you are close, personally I would go for that. Also give them a call.

swampster Tue 13-Nov-12 12:54:43

BIG Islabike fan here. DS1 got a Beinn 24 for his 7th birthday. He is tall but not that tall but we wanted it to last. He went from a (by then tiny for him) Cnoc 16 to a Beinn 24. It looked a bit big for a little while but he was fine with it. He's almost nine now and he will have the same bike for a good long time to come.

DS2 is six-and-a-half and got a Beinn 20 (large) for his 6h birthday - perfect fit (though a Beinn 20 (small) might have been even more perfect at the time).

DS3 refuses to even try the Rothan because it has no pedals. He has a good range of Islabikes to grow into. I just have to get him riding.

If I were you I'd get them both Beinn 24s (against the expert advice of the lovely folk at Islabikes) but that's just me - I like to size up, they grow so fast.

lljkk Tue 13-Nov-12 13:06:44

Phone Isla & ask for advice. They are very good. The problem isn't inside leg, it's reach for the handlebars. DS has somewhat short legs for his age (8.5yo). He can ride a Luath 24 but he doesn't control it very well, it's too much bike for him (or so I think, DH would dispute). It makes me a nervous wreck to ride with a child who can't reach their brakes properly & quickly enough. Also, the gearing is possibly too big if you go bigger, it's harder on tender knee joints, and the problems from pushing too big gear can be lifelong.

What if you got both boys 2nd hand Beinn 20s off of Ebay?

myron Tue 13-Nov-12 13:17:46

My DS is/has always been dead on average height for his age. He went from a CNOC16 at 4yrs to a BENIN20 LARGE at 6yrs and have just received the BENIN26 SMALL for his recent 9th birthday. You should buy the bike according to his height /leg measurement NOT according to his age. Note that the BENIN20 LARGE lasted for 3 years although he probably outgrew it a year earlier but heyho, he survived. 4' seems to be quite a lot of growing room on the leg front - as long as he can reach the pedals, he should be able to cope (assuming that he's a confident rider).

3rdnparty Tue 13-Nov-12 13:23:08

I have a 24 -bought for my lanky ds at 7 - I was planning a 20 but he was less than 2cm less than the 24 - I spoke to Isla and they recommended the 24 - it was for christmas therefore probably not masses of riding pre spring when he would be tall enough...and they were right smile and best decision - however was a bit tricky when he wanted to ride on christmas day as we did not adapt enough and lift him on and off so you may need to support a bit more at first.... it's a brilliant bike highly recommend it

legalalien Tue 13-Nov-12 13:28:35

Ds is 8 next week and has the beinn 20 (small). He is dead on the min inside leg for the beinn 24 size, I am going to get him one at Xmas as he is starting to look silly on the old one, it seems too small (his overall height is fine for the 24 he just doesn't have particularly long legs). I have tested him out on his bigger friend's 24 and he is fine with it (he rides every day though, so is a confident rider). Are you sure about your ds' leg length? My ds is about average height for his age I would say, and a year younger?

Selim Tue 13-Nov-12 17:45:03

Thanks everyone. I have remeasured him and managed to push him up about 2cm hmm by being less cautious about ramming a book against his bollocks. He is still under the inside leg for the 24 but only just and bar Christmas day he won't be using it much until spring. He is very confident and very sporty and strong is a bit on the tiny side, not massively or noticeably small though. Ds2 isn't as confident so I will stick with the 20 for him I think but I'm going to phone them tomorrow but I feel better having some more info. I'm going to get DH to remeasure too, as I seem to be a bit rubbish.

legalalien Tue 13-Nov-12 17:48:30

Worst case scenario - platform soles. smile

UniS Tue 13-Nov-12 23:39:05

Go for the 24.
I tried DS on one the other month and he was OK despite being about 6 cm under min leg length on spec sheet. The Luath 24 ( he tried one of those too, and its too big) has a significantly bigger reach for the handle bars than the Beinn.
Now I'm on the look out for one 2nd hand... Not urgent, birthday not till march...any body??

BirdyArms Wed 14-Nov-12 23:24:17

I bought ds1 an islabike (the 20 small) when he was a little bit shorter than the height on the spec sheet and it was absolutely fine. He has disproportionately short legs (like his dad!) which I think might also have some bearing on it, ie he could reach the brakes properly etc.

We are now in the same position I want to pass the 20 onto ds2 but ds1 is still a bit small for the 24 but thing I will go for it. Will try ramming his bollocks a bit harder as you suggest Selim!

roguedad Wed 19-Dec-12 08:34:25

My son was on the boundary of the 20 Large and 24, and I could not decide at all, so went to their fitting centre to get it sorted out definitively. With both the height and vertical adjustment on the saddle, it established that he was ready for the 24. If you can get to Shropshire it is highly recommended - the service is fantastic and they have a small test track you can take the bikes out on. It's good to see the bikes in the metal in all the available colours, and there is a great food shop and cafe next door - a great day out if you can deal with the excitement in the back seat all the way there and back!

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