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Christmas craft fair ideas

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I've been asked to do a stall for the church Christmas charity fair. It's only on for a couple of hours on the last Sunday in November, so I don't need lots of stuff, but I want to have a nice variety.

Going to do the following:

Christmas cookie mix - layer the dry ingredients in a jam jar, print off a sticky label with instructions on what wet ingredients to add and how long to cook. Will cut a square of red/green material and tie over the lid with the opposite colour of ribbon.

Decorations - I've some Cath Kidson birds made in Christmas fabric, also a lot of stuffed hearts.

I've also got some dried lavender and am thinking of making Christmas tree shaped lavender bags (with rice - or wheat if I can get hold of it)

Felt wine bottle covers in the shape of Christmas trees (did these for pressies last year, the pattern is on the Martha Stewart website, they work brilliantly)

Cold porcelain tree ornaments (it's like salt dough only finer, made with school glue, cornflour, babyoil and lemon juice) - going to cut out some stars in white and press rough fabric to each side to give a nice texture, and will write twinkle twinkle on them in silver/gold gel pen. If I can find a heart cutter I'll do the same with joy and love as the messages.

Beaded Christmas tree ornaments in the shape of stars - if I've time I'll do a few with smaller beads as earrings.

Can anyone suggest anything else quick and cheerful? Can't do anything cooked due to health and hygiene rules. Needs to be mostly priced under a fiver as probably most of the customers will be kiddies - or adults caught in the credit crunch like all of us.

All ideas gratefully accepted!


We3bunniesOfOrientAre Mon 03-Dec-12 16:40:50

Did you make holes in the cold porcelain to hang them up? Is is strong enough to support it's weight on the tree. I'm guessing you make the holes before leaving to set. Wondering about making some gingerbread men, as ds loves that story at the moment.

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