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How do your kids listen to music?

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SmoothOperandus Mon 12-Nov-12 11:51:52

I want to buy my DC (ages 8 and 5) a gadget to listen to the music they like in their rooms. At home we listen to music via spotify, plugging speakers on to the laptop. Without using CD's and without access to the internet, what could my DC's have in their room to listen to whatever music they like whenever they want?

piratecat Mon 12-Nov-12 11:55:59

dd has an mp3 player with all our stuff on it. she already had a cd boom box type thing, and we discovered you can purchase a lead for 99p to plug the mp3 player into that, so she can listen to mp3 player.

she can also still listen to her fave artists cd's on her original cd player.

that's about at gadgety we get.

of course you can get speakers for an mp3 player too. or docking thingy.

i am after some non wired speakers for my laptop this yr.

piratecat Mon 12-Nov-12 11:56:55

dd has an mp3 player by a company called Archos, its been excellent, i researched mp3 players lasy yr and this brand always came up good.

SmoothOperandus Mon 12-Nov-12 12:00:20

I'm going to ask a really stupid question here but please bear with me. How do you 'load' an mp3 player with music? blush

piratecat Mon 12-Nov-12 12:26:08

well, you can download music from amazon or other places onto your pc or laptop.

we haven't done this yet,as we haven't bought any music this way.

we have transferred all out cd's to our laptop, eg we have 'ripped' them to our laptop. You can do this on windows media player, you insert a cd into the drive, and basically windows media, (if it's your default media player) will open and you have the choice to play the cd or rip it to your laptop.

when the cd is ripped (copied to the laptop), you then plug in your mp3 player. the media player will recognise it. You then go to 'sync', within the media player.
select the album, and drag and drop it into the sync box. it's very easy. the sync bit takes seconds for an album.

voila, it's on the mp3 player!

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