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Tablet for kids

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mum2twoloudbabies Mon 12-Nov-12 07:58:13

I am wondering about getting a touchscreen tablet for my 5yo dd. Any recommendations?

She currently uses our iPad so I'm not sure how impressed she would be with the vtech/leapfrog offerings, anybody any experience of switching between these.

I have found this!-sub-Meep-Tablet-prod-MEEP-Tablet---Blue.html#.UKAAenwgGSM anybody got one/used one?

Any others I should consider? She is a careful little girl but I do still want something a little more rugged. (And I want the iPad back grin)

viena Thu 20-Dec-12 12:25:09

If anyone is looking for a case to put their nabi2 in i brought this from ebay and fits nicely in

If anyone is looking for a childs tablet go for the nabi2 it has better specs than the kurio and meep
Nabi 2:
•Ram: 1GB
•Storage Space: 8GB but can put in a SD card
•Processor: Tegra 3
•Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600
•Front Camera Resolution: 2MP

Meep and Kurio
•Ram: 512MB
•Storage Space: 4GB but can put in a SD card
•Processor: A8
•Screen Resolution: 800 x 480
•Front Camera Resolution 0.3MP

lilynaomi Thu 13-Dec-12 16:11:25

I would recomend the Meep! tablet, i brought it for my seven year old for his birthday and he loves it, and we have just ordered one for our 5 year old daughter for christmas due to it being such a hit with both of them. We first decided to buy my son one after him constatly using my phone when we went out to play on games such as angry birds, so we dicided it would be a good investment!

We shopped around for a long time trying to find a tablet that was relatively cheap, strong and safe and we decided Meep was the best. The parental controls are the thing that swayed us towards the Meep! as they allow my som to have inderpendance but still alow me to protect from anything inappropriate on the internet ect.

The games that are pre loaded on the meep are very age apropreiate and soo much fun, for all of us!

I would highley recomend the meep! for any one looking to buy a tablet for their child, its great quality for money and i couldnt fault it

MikeLitoris Fri 30-Nov-12 14:53:36

Not got a seperate cover, it came with the red skin thingy and we are getting a little carry bag. Probably amazon or ebay.

vienaa Fri 30-Nov-12 14:08:20

We also brought my 4 year old and 6 year old the nabi 2 for christmas, after looking at reviews with the kurio and meep and reviews have not been good on the both of them, we decided on the nabi 2, have to say it is really good well impressed with the performance as i have been playing with it, there is lots of apps already installed on it and when in parent mode it is a working adult tablet, nothing babyish about it... Very easy to set up....

This link shows the diffrence between the kurio and the Nabi 2 they go head to head (Kurio is the true blue as they call it in the states)!nabiTwo

mum2twoloudbabies Fri 30-Nov-12 06:25:51

I can't seem to find a case for the nabi. Has anyone found a suitable case for transporting it around?

MikeLitoris Thu 29-Nov-12 22:54:15

Dp set ours up and it looked easy enough.

Its all wrapped up now to stop dp fiddling with it.

mum2twoloudbabies Thu 29-Nov-12 21:16:12

We plumped for the Nabi. Just waiting for it to be delivered so that I can have a good play with it set it up.

Decided against the Meep as a friend got one for her dd and after a week the power button broke and she said it was a nightmare to setup.

WhitesandsofLuskentyre Thu 29-Nov-12 11:30:10

We have got DS (4) the Kurio 7 for Christmas (mainly on Tesco points!) and so I've been having a play this week. I am very happy with the pre-loaded stuff, but I also wanted to see what was available beyond that before I lose hours of my life on fruit ninja and World of Goo.

So far, I have downloaded the Kindle app and a Harry (Bucketful of Dinosaurs) book as a present for DS (although it does come with a reader, I thought the children's book shop in Kindle was better), the Audible app (for audio books - things like Winnie the Pooh read by Stephen Fry and others) and I've bought a track from Peter and the Wolf (music & words) in Amazon cloud player as a tester. The sound from the player itself is great for games, but tinny when it comes to playing the Amazon stuff - until you add speakers (just little computer ones), and then it's FAB.

The camera is fine, although the picture quality is a bit meh, but it'll be loads of fun for DS. I prefer to use my camera to take pics anyway.

And I can get mumsnet on it, no problem! Some of the complaints in the reviews have been about what you can access through safe search, but I accessed the sites I wanted (e.g. I tested cartoon network for the games) through the Android interface, not the Kurio one, so I'm happy.

Other reviewers have said that their children might as well play on their phones. I didn't find that comment at all helpful. I have a BlackBerry and will NEVER let DS use it (plus, it doesn't have anything fun on it at all). But, each to their own.

I do agree that the screen can seem to "stick" a little at times, but it's probably because 1) I've kept the protective screen on and 2) I'm crap at touch-screen stuff (even on an iPad, for goodness' sake). It does say in the manual that responsiveness will vary from person to person, and I am getting better at it, so I think it's probably my fault, rather than the tablet's.

All-in-all, I think we've made the right choice for us (it is the only tablet in the house).

mum2twoloudbabies Wed 21-Nov-12 17:35:53

How are the parental controls to set up?

MikeLitoris Wed 21-Nov-12 14:07:11

We picked up the nabi yesterday. Dp has been on it all morning. It is very good for the money

mum2twoloudbabies Wed 21-Nov-12 12:41:56

I have now tried the nabi and it feels fab, control is really simple and responsive. So now we're stuck!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sat 17-Nov-12 08:06:58

We have bought a nabi2 for DS1.

mum2twoloudbabies Sat 17-Nov-12 08:03:34

ilovecake that's why I'm shying away from the vtech/leapfrog but I think she'll be ok with the one of the others I've looked at. Ideally would just buy iPad but the budget does not go that far.

Gimmeirnbru it is a concern but I'm happy that I can control it enough with the parental controls the kids tablets have built-in or alternatively I'll just delete the wifi password until we need it so she can't access at all. Plus she only ever plays with tech when she's in our/adult presence 'tis the rules' which works for now.

goneshopping thanks for the link I had been ruling out the proper ones on price but that brings it down.

GimmeIrnBru Sat 17-Nov-12 07:57:34

If you look at reviews for the Kurio online (cannot remember the websites) it has not been given a very good review in general. Innotab 2 seems to the best one around and good value for money IMO. DS definitely won't be getting an iPad for his Christmas for a loooooooooooooooong time.

GimmeIrnBru Sat 17-Nov-12 07:53:02

DS1 (5yo) will be getting the Innotab 2 for his Christmas this year. We did look at the Kurio and another similar model to this, but not wanting one that is Internet enabled just yet!! Perhaps when he's a bit older....

Ilovecake1 Sat 17-Nov-12 07:39:11

I really wouldn't buy a child tablet if she is used to playing with the iPad! We tried and failed and ended up buying iPads for them! Have you seen the imonster case for the iPads, selling on eBay at £25.

Goneshopping Sat 17-Nov-12 01:22:32

We have decided to get a Samsung galaxy tab which is £118 after cash back & has decent reviews.

hurricanewyn Fri 16-Nov-12 21:51:40

We got the nabi 2 for DD too.

fuckadoodledandy Fri 16-Nov-12 21:28:43

Another vote for Nabi 2 here...did tons of research and seems by far the best bet for younger kids (mine's 5), I got mine at Argos last weekend. Google nabi 2 and their site will give you all the specs etc. It's designed for kids, but isn't a toy like the others mentioned here (if you look at Argos or anyone else, it's in the technology section, not the toy section). 'Tis brill!

mum2twoloudbabies Fri 16-Nov-12 07:52:20

Thanks for highlighting the nabi it looks a lot like the meep

MikeLitoris Thu 15-Nov-12 23:03:21

another vote for Nabi2.

its very good

EricNorthmine Thu 15-Nov-12 17:37:52

Nabi2 for sale at Argos and Tesco is really good

Thanks for the update. Hmm, I think I need to research the Meep/Kurio option as they sound more suitable...

mum2twoloudbabies Wed 14-Nov-12 16:47:41

Ok so I tried the meep and the kurio 7" both felt great and very responsive to touch commands which is where I have found cheaper adult ones fall down. The protective cover on the kurio is better but I thought the meep had a marginally better feeling touch screen so now I'm going to do the price and spec comparison (I'll have to rope somebody else into the spec stuff) BIL might be useful there.

I don't think you can compare the leapfrog/vtech ones because they are just different things, the meep/kurio felt much more like a grown-up tablet and the leapfrog/vtech felt more like a kids toy not that it is a bad thing just different.

We are in the same position, so would be interested to know how you get on at toys r us smile. Still considering the Innotab too - by the time I decide everything will probably be sold out!

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