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Old fashioned German advent calendars

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CruCru Sun 11-Nov-12 18:05:30

I am looking for the sort of advent calendar that I had when I was a kid. A German village, with snow on the roofs, perhaps some silver glitter, boxes that show a different picture every day and with 24 having a picture of the baby Jesus.

Please no chocolate or cartoons.

Does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks!

cornycatona Sun 11-Nov-12 18:05:56

amazon have loads

BIWI Sun 11-Nov-12 18:10:55

Look here

BIWI Sun 11-Nov-12 18:12:40

or here

BIWI Sun 11-Nov-12 18:16:57

Amazon page

CruCru Sun 11-Nov-12 20:41:48

Looks great - thank you.

Fridaysmum Tue 13-Nov-12 11:16:52

I get mine from the German maker Sellmer Verlag. They have a massive choice - and some are the same as when I was a kid!

Postage is expensive as they come from Germany (think it was about £9 last year), but covers buying several at a time, so I buy enough for a few years, then give the kids a choice from our own little supply.

hauntedhouse Tue 13-Nov-12 11:24:07

Mine is here: Amazon. It's beautiful, especially with some fairy lights taped to the back so that the widows light up.

LaGuerta Tue 13-Nov-12 11:26:08

Your local bible/religious book shops should do them. I think this is where my mother gets her stash from.

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