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Homemade gifts

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Hi, I'm going to be making gifts again this year but they need to be made in advance and can be stored in a cupboard/freezer. I won't have time closer to Christmas to make stuff as I'm having a party and will be busy with that and need the fridge, and we're going away for a few days before Christmas and won't have time.

So far on my list is:
Chocolate vodka
Chilli jam
Fruit jam
Truffles (freezer)
Biscuits (freezer)

What else could I make?

Thanks smile

Nat38 Sun 11-Nov-12 14:30:10

fruit cake-with or without lots of alcoholgringrin

I'm already on it! grin actually you've just reminded me I need to 'feed' them today smile

Bump smile

vamosbebe Sun 11-Nov-12 18:39:32

satsumas in brandy.
let me know if you want the recipe (even though it's quite self explanatory, like 'stir-fry'!!)

glenthebattleostrich Sun 11-Nov-12 18:44:33

Ooh, can I have the recipe for the Satsumas please, they sound good.

Nigella's Chocolate and pistachio fudge, very easy and freezes really well, also works with cranberries in it for that festive touch!

350g dark chocolate
tin condensed milk
30g butter
150g pistachio's or cranberries

Break up chocolate and put in a pan with milk and butter, heat until all melted together. Take off heat, add the nuts or cranberries. Pop in a 8" square tin adn chill. When it is set cut into bits and bag up trying not to eat

I'll also be doing biscuits and oreo truffles over the next few weekends too. And a nice salt dough decoration from DD.

Thanks, I'd love the recipe smile

That fudge sounds lovely, thanks.

Do you think that you could freeze any kind of fudge?

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