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Christmas dinner

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Regbooboo Sat 10-Nov-12 21:40:31

Just wondering how you all get round this problem .. I have a normalish sized oven, ie. two shelves. I will cook the turkey and keep it warm and I will then have one shelf for potatoes & parsnips (in one roasting dish) and one shelf for the Yorkies. Was wondering if I cook the stuffing and pigs in blankets earlier if I could reheat in microwave? Sorry to be dense but had a double oven before. Also, have seen people mention brussels with bacon and was wondering if anyone had a good recipe. Looking forward to it all this year and would like to make it perfect as its my first grand-bubba's Christmas.

LadyMaryCreepyCrawley Sat 10-Nov-12 21:46:57

You part boil the potatoes whilst the turkey is cooking. Then take the turkey out, cover in foil and let it rest for 30 minutes. In these 30 minutes you roast the potatoes and the parsnips on one shelf, the pigs in blankets and stuffing on the other. The yorkshire puddings really don't take very long (if they are frozen they take minutes. Just use the oven when the potatoes etc have cooked, you can even heat them whilst it's cooling down).

I don't cook sprouts, so can't help there.

dementedma Sun 11-Nov-12 09:39:32

I cook and carve the turkey on Christmas Eve. Serve cold, but with everything else hot and hot gravy its nice. Have been doing this for years and everyone likes it.
also i shred the sprouts and stirfry with cream and mustard, and I make the red cabbage weeks in advance and freeze it so it just needs to be reheated on the hob. Plenty of room in the oven then for roasties, parsnips and stuffing.
Not having the turkey to faff with on Christmas day is a Godsend!!

slartybartfast Sun 11-Nov-12 09:42:25

agree with taking tukrkey out. it needs to rest, and then it needs to be carved. all takes time, and when you roast potatoes you turn up heat - as with neeps and pigs in blankets. and rest.

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