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Inspired by Asda

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LongStory Sat 10-Nov-12 17:51:55

I don't want to be the Asda matyr mum. DH works Christmas day, I have 5 kids, in-laws staying for the week and a busy job - so I need to take preventative action. Here's the plan:

I have asked FIL and MIL to write the meal planner and email the shopping list to DH to make the online order. I am writing a list for Christmas essentials (decorations, tree, puddings, gifts for teachers/friends etc) and the older kids (10+12) are looking forward to choosing good value items at Ikea Market Hall and then decorating / wrapping. At this stage everyone is looking forward to it being a team effort. Which just leaves me to enjoy being Santa and have a great time.

What could possibly go wrong? grin

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