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Talk to me about your Christmas decorations

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thereistheball Sat 10-Nov-12 15:49:56

DH has just told me my Christmas decorations are insipid and joyless. I would describe them more as tasteful. I don't like flashing lights, gaudy colours, kitsch, tinsel. I have a lot of vintagey, 'antiqued' glass baubles, and love bird decorations for the tree. I usually add colour to the tree with a long scarlet velvet ribbon (I am adding a royal purple one this year). Our wreath is made of white beads. How do you decorate for Christmas?

chickydoo Sun 11-Nov-12 22:17:14

We always get a Huge 7ft real tree.
Had most of my decs for years. Mostly they are white & natural colours lots of beads in silver. Plenty of wood things, & I usually put lots of cinnamon sticks tied in bundles on, to make the room smell nice.
We do have to be careful as the cats like to climb up it!
We have a second tree in the front of the house that you can see from the road. This usually gets a few red bows & white lights, just keep it simple. ( less to put away in Jan)

madammoose Mon 12-Nov-12 10:06:51

Well, I am going to buck the trend by loving tinsel. Much of ours is so old it is more sparkly string, there are bald bits from ancient blu tack and none of it matches. I still love it though and taking it out of the box makes me feel Christmassy.

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