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bike for tall 9 year old

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TimrousBeastie Sat 10-Nov-12 12:36:52

My dd is asking for a new bike for Christmas and I know nothing about them.
She's quite tall for her age so the usual sizes for her age group are too small.
Her inside leg is 28 inches but her body is about average size for her age, would a small ladies bike be fine?
She also has visual stress and possibly dyspraxia so her co-ordination isn't that great so I think a bike with too many gears would be too much for her.

Can anyone recommend a particular make or type of bike? Will be trailing her through all the shops here soon but would like to go with at least a small idea of what I should be looking for.


ivykaty44 Sat 10-Nov-12 15:07:33

Isla bike, although there are plenty of gears you can put the bike in one gear that is easy enough for her to pedal and she doesn't have to change the gears. Scot do bikes which are small enough for a 25" inside leg and they do some decent bikes.

it will depend more on how much you want to spend

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