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Christmas party need a dress

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SilveryMoon Thu 08-Nov-12 23:48:42

This years christmas do is at the Hilton and I need a nice dress.
I'm plus size and am struggling to find something nice. Don't want to go in full evening dress although I know some are. I'm looking for something just above the knee and not too tight.
Any ideas for the best place to look?

comethasmybrokentelly Fri 09-Nov-12 00:02:19

Don't know but wish I did! I have the same problem

SilveryMoon Fri 09-Nov-12 00:11:17

I've just been looking on eBay. Don't know why I didn't think of looking on there sooner, found some lovely dresses. Will link tomorrow (am rubbish doing it from phone)

BIWI Fri 09-Nov-12 00:15:06

When you say plus size, not sure what size you mean, but how about this?

I've just bought this and it's lovely. I'm not a plus size, but the way it's designed, with the ruching and trim down the front does kind of cover all manner of ills, IYSWIM!

SilveryMoon Fri 09-Nov-12 00:18:41

That's lovely BIWI. I'm a size 18. Quite tall

comethasmybrokentelly Fri 09-Nov-12 00:27:59

Ok I'm fat. Does that help? smile

comethasmybrokentelly Fri 09-Nov-12 00:29:06

That dress is lovely. I look like a sack of glamorous spuds in it though

SilveryMoon Fri 09-Nov-12 07:11:57

Lol come.
There really are some nice ones on eBay. I've just bid for a nice red flare dress.
I normally hate buying from internet in case things don't fit or look silly on.

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