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What not to waste your money on for the DC this Christmas-

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Sparklingbrook Thu 08-Nov-12 14:21:18

I will start, get the DCs wish lists ready to cross them off-

Elefun. Should be renamed Ele IMO.

Golden Coin Maker. Just don't.

Any more suggestions?

Sparklingbrook Thu 08-Nov-12 16:57:04

IIRC the Golden Coin maker took forever to make one coin, It didn't come with enough chocolate and it was all a bit shit. It went off to my DMs and she binned it.

We have Simpsons Scene It and we did have Pokemon Guess Who. Totally crapola.

MrsJohnDeere Thu 08-Nov-12 17:00:43

Agree on Elefun.

Monkey Dunk too.

Jigsaw puzzle books. Such a PITA to store.

Cheap imitation Lego.

Arty/crafty stuff (have boys who hate that almost as much as me)


T-shirts with hilarious slogans

InNeedOfBrandy Thu 08-Nov-12 17:02:22

YY to any crafty shit that needs adult help, doesn't get done in this house pfftt

ds main present is a remote controlled tarantular, I'm hoping it's a pile of crap (£20 argos) and will die a quick death!

MrsJohnDeere Thu 08-Nov-12 17:14:54

Remote control cars - eat batteries
Remote control airoplanes - never work properly
Cheap and nasty chocolate - straight into the bin

StateofConfusion Thu 08-Nov-12 17:25:51

Peppa pig deluxe house, get the basic one!! so you don't get a stressed toddler sobbing every five seconds because the fecking stairs have fell off.

Thomas trackmaster, they just watch the trains move, pointless. --im selling the fecking lot--

Moon sand, grit fecking everywhere!

Fireman sams station, cheap plastic fell apart every two seconds and the fire engines not included despite it costing fecking £30!!!

Octopod, ds took the noisy and dangly bits off and prefered the individual gup he had with them, the actual pod does FA.

Buckaroo, ours has NEVER worked.

Smart trike, fecking IMPOSSIBLE to steer.

Furbies, I had one the first time round, creepy demanding little bastard.

StateofConfusion Thu 08-Nov-12 17:27:12

I hated all remote control anythings until ds was brought the 'my first RC' from toystory £15 one button to change direction, its great bombs about batteries last ages and he and dd love it!

Olympicrock Thu 08-Nov-12 17:32:36

We love the octopod but hate all through poorly made fireman Sam tat!

Narked Thu 08-Nov-12 17:34:47

Elefun amuses babies. But then they try to eat the butterflies.

blush [bad mother]

StateofConfusion Thu 08-Nov-12 17:36:57

olympic ds plays with all the accessories but not the 'building' bit iyswim. So basically I paid £40 for 4 dangly things, a noisy button and some figures.

Sparklingbrook Thu 08-Nov-12 17:40:19

Remote controlled little buzzy insect things. They scrape all your walls mess up your ceiling lights then divebomb down the back of the TV never to be seen again.

I think to successfully own a RC car you have to have a huge house with wooden floors throughout.

Scalextric. Looks fun. Is v tedious.

Nixea Thu 08-Nov-12 17:47:34

Furby <shudder>

I swear they're not new toys at all. It's just that they were left with warehouses of "old" furbies when people stopped buying them, they then turned feral, mated and voila..."new" Furby!

FrightRunScream Thu 08-Nov-12 17:48:29

We love Elefun, but have lost all the blue butterflies.

ENormaSnob Thu 08-Nov-12 18:16:41

Fireman Sam stuff is overpriced plastic shite.

twooter Thu 08-Nov-12 18:25:48

Another vote for doggy doo. More like doggy-pumpandpumpandpump-handle-then-get-skewer-and-force-poo-out.

fuzzpig Thu 08-Nov-12 18:33:37

I will probably be cursing the day I bought the Barbie ultimate closet, DD hasn't asked for it specifically but I know she will love it. Thankfully I got it for £15 as there's no way it's worth £30, but then nothing seems to be worth its retail price these days <wanders off grumbling>

From DD's 4th birthday I will add Ben and Holly playsets, the Gaston's Cave one broke within a day! And yet for some reason on impulse I got a little Polly Pocket style set for her stocking hmm

fuzzpig Thu 08-Nov-12 18:34:52

Yes I'll agree to the smart trike, what a waste. School runs were really not fun.

lisa1968 Thu 08-Nov-12 19:00:50

any hot wheels set-takes tooooo long to put together and theyre too big so you have to take them apart when theyve finished playing with them
Sally sunflower game-utter shite
any character toys-overpriced,crap plastic

Pocketsocks Thu 08-Nov-12 19:07:52

Ben 10 create an alien thingy. The idea is you put the individual limbs, head, body and whatever else into the opposite ends of the machine, snap it together and out comes a fully formed alien, with the option to mix and match pieces for added fun. What you actually get is thousands of teeny tiny bits all over the house and aliens that fall apart at will, especially if you mix and match.

colditz Thu 08-Nov-12 19:10:19

Hotwheels. Nightmare. Ds2 begs for them but I learned my lesson with ds1

colditz Thu 08-Nov-12 19:12:49

Pokemon guess who was a complete fucking nightmare that resulted in ds1 crying his little obsessed eyes out last year because it just will not stay put together!

lisa1968 Thu 08-Nov-12 19:19:43

oh and the Ice Cream maker.......uses loads of ice and salt,needs lots of turning by hand to get a teaspoon of runny cream.Complete shite!
...and the popcorn maker-use a saucepan!!!

RobinSparkles Thu 08-Nov-12 19:29:22

Baby Chou Chou Magic Pacifier.

The dummy is really hard to put into the doll's mouth and when we finally got it in it broke angry. Apparently it's a common problem with the toy.

DD has to play with it without the dummy now, which means that she has to guess what the doll wants rather than the dummy telling her. I guess it makes it more realistic though!

Sparklingbrook Thu 08-Nov-12 19:33:57

colditz it really is crap isn't it? I am still traumatised from trying to construct it. sad Saw it in TK Maxx and was so excited too.

Startail Thu 08-Nov-12 19:59:45

Geo mag, the silver balls roll everywhere and anything you try and build is floppy and collapses.

Barbies and Polly Pockets. Yuck.

Hot wheels cars are great, the very simple track of my childhood was great.
Best car track we did was with lengths of plastic guttering from the climbing frame and down the garden.

Tiggles Thu 08-Nov-12 20:13:26

Cheap Mecanno - DS got given several sets when he was 4, the apparent age for it. He couldn't even get the screwdriver into the end of the screws. It took DH and I, 8 beeping hours to put the crane together, and the next day it fell to bits when DS tried to play with it.

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