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Gifts for family living a very long way away

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cravingcake Wed 07-Nov-12 21:13:22

I need some inspiration for gifts for my family who live in New Zealand. So any food items are automatically out due to customs regulations, it has to be postable and non-breakable (and light as it costs just over £1 per 100g in postage), and it has to be sent in the first week of December to make sure it gets there in time.

I've done the pictures of us in a nice frame, personalised calendars, they already have loads of cookbooks etc in the past and often spent about £20 each person but this year I'm on a tighter budget so its more a thought that counts rather than the gift itself sort of thing.

I need to get for my mum, dad, brother & sister-in-law. I can do a little bit of craft/make-your-own but am running out of time, and have a 1yo DS to run around after during the day.

MooseyMoo Wed 07-Nov-12 21:22:53

M&S have free shipping to NZ for a limited time

iloveholidays Wed 07-Nov-12 21:37:15

If you do decide on books, the book depository do free worldwide postage I think.

Clothes? Games? CDs or DVDs? Sorry not overly exciting...

frazmum Wed 07-Nov-12 22:31:12

I've just been on the BBC shop website - some of their DVD's are for region 4 (NZ) as well and I'm going to buy some to send to NZ. Also food is fine, I've been sending it for years (usually from M&S, family seem to prefer that). The only thing I've had confiscated was potpourri, also one year send FIL some old rope from the Cutty Sark which was inspected as it smelt of old tar and smoke, but he got it. Also I use for gift baskets. I've used them both when living in NZ and here in the UK for 15 years now. They are very reliable and have a good range of products/prices - flowers, pot plants & gift baskets.

cravingcake Sat 10-Nov-12 08:22:23

Thanks everyone.

frazmum, I know food can be sent (if its processed & professionally packaged, i.e. bag of sweets rather than a box of truffles home made) but I've never found any food that was 'right' to send, or if i did it was in glass or something that made it impractical so I generally just dont do food as presents for them now.

Dont want to do gift basket/flowers as my friend is a florist over there and often have used her to do me something fabulous at mates rates too in the past. I was just hoping to find something a bit different.

All very good ideas though, and I will definitely have a look at the websites mentioned.

Idohaveoneofthese Sat 10-Nov-12 10:16:12

Might be good to post in the living overseas part so that the NZ mumsnetters can tell you things that are particularly appreciated?

Huffpot Sat 10-Nov-12 11:59:30

My family live in Oz and because of the extortionate postage costs/customs I try and buy from Aussie shops and have it sent directly to them

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