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Gift for nearly 12 year old niece in oz - any ideas?

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legalalien Wed 07-Nov-12 19:06:14

She is quite sporty, I know she liked Harry potter a year ago but things change fast at that age. I was thinking something like a leather jacket or an on trend school bag, but suspect oz is different from the uk ( and I only have ds who is no use as a template!)

legalalien Wed 07-Nov-12 20:07:37

Please.... Otherwise she will be getting a book of my choice...

3bunnies Wed 07-Nov-12 20:32:17

Might be worth bumping later on tonight when the Australian MNetters wake up! When you do order probably cheaper to order online with giftwrap on Australian website than pay to fly it out there.

PoppyWearer Wed 07-Nov-12 20:37:20

A selection of stuff from Accessorize? Cool bag, scarf, earrings, etc?

There are websites in Aus that will take orders from UK cardholders. I only know the toy-selling ones!

Leather jacket nice idea but they are heading towards summer now...

meala Wed 07-Nov-12 20:39:09

M and S are doing free delivery on gifts to Australia for another few days.

HesterBurnitall Wed 07-Nov-12 20:48:17

Maybe something from Smiggle or Typo, my 11 yo girl loves their stuff as do many of her friends.

Or, given the season, something beachy might be better than a leather jacket.

A bag is always good, but what counts as on trend will vary depending on which city and area she lives in. A lot of schools also have a bag as part of the uniform so best check that first.

HesterBurnitall Wed 07-Nov-12 20:50:23

Sorry, always forget MN doesnt just do links.

legalalien Wed 07-Nov-12 23:25:45

Thanks guys - will bump later for the Aussies - given the exchange rate was thinking it might work out cheaper to buy ome thing here and post... Even if it means buying winter stuff that won't be worn until may. Otherwise, a voucher?

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