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Still going strong, the bargainous Christmas gift ideas thread

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reastie Tue 06-Nov-12 07:32:12

Below is a very brief (and slightly random) synopsis of previous threads. Happy shopping grin

Websites which are good to check for deals hot deals UK offer of the day and money saving expert

Track amazon prices at camel camel

Asda Toy sale here

Ashica worth a look here . I think that link is for fellow mner to get credit for referrals (hopefully I did it right!)

Bangzo worth a look for books. Daily offers. here

BHS 10% off with COUNTDOWN10 or if buying kids items, FDKIDS gives you free deliver (£3.95) here

Body shop has an offer on ATM if you enter PAYDAY into the checkout you get £5 off £15, £10 off £25 or £25 off £50 spend AND if you spend more than £35 you get a free gift here or code LOVE for 35% off or try 14671 for 30% off or try EXTRA for 40% off. Try SPARKLE for % off

Book depository worth a look here

Book People - Try codes XMAS262 or W3LOCT or 264XMAS or Ohgoon or baubles Winter Wonderland book selection is popular here

Burtons code AWBOOK gets you £10 off a £40 spend at Burtons menswear until 15th November. here

Cath kidston code for free delivery on orders over £30. Normally £3.95. Code is CKGG. here

Canvas print free here (plus postage) using code huswxp

Charades for Kids only £6.99 here

Cox and Cox - 15% off with code ERN15, ends 15th Dec here

Debenhams free delivery SHD1 here 4 christmas mugs for £10 here

Disney store selected toys half price here

Disney christmas DVD box set £3 here

ELC - code SAVANNAH for money off order until end of November (not all items) here the snowman book for £2.40 board books reduced to 99p the jolly christmas postman for £3.90

Elemis 25% off here with code YYWEDDING25. Not valid on collections/experiences/travel sizes

The entertainer is worth a look for toys here Try 5% off with 8MVC or 8VCC

Face cloths personalized reduced to £1.99 here

Gap - 30% off with code GRAZIA here £10 off a £50 spend with gapvc10

GHDs from asos here £67 when using code MIDSEASON15

H&M code 1304 to get £5 off and then add 0186 to get 20% off whole order 0230 for 25% off one item here

Hive here to support local independent book shops when buying books online

Hexbugs christmas styley here for about £10 inc delivery . More hexbugs here, don?t forget to use debenhams codes mentioned earlier

HMV have a trade in for new ipod touches here

Jojo maman bebe 10% off and free del MM21 or save £10 when you spend £50, £20 when you spend £100, and £40 when you spend £200, use code MTF22 here

Joules -Postage currently only £1. They have a mid season sale on too here 15% off and free delivery, on full price items only HBL15C2, £10 off £60 spend AF1060, £20 off £110 spend AF20110
Unconfirmed codes: £10 when you spend £30 BBYCNU3. £10 off any £30 spend, BBYCNU3 valid 29 Oct to 2nd Dec. Or try WRAP give £5 off £50
BOW gives £10 off £75 RIBBON gives £20 off £100

Ipod docking station from debenhams £25 from £50 here SHD1 for free delivery BG27 for 10% off

L'Occitane If you spend £35 you can use AQU17 for a free gift set worth £23 or any of these:
20% voucher off full price items: MCNOV12
If you spend over £35 use AHUD1 to get free immortelle Collection (worth £20)
Also free full size shower gel if spend over £35 with YOURGIFT
You can only use one code though. here

LaRedoute £30 off a £60 spend code is 0280. There is also a £30 off £60 spend code 0280. Has been used to buy converse! here

Lego thread about discounts on MSE here

Matalan 20% off a £40 spend with the code MAT101240 and free returns. Plus you get free standard delivery if you spend over £50. Go through Quidco and get 5% cashback too. here

Molton Brown - MARIE10 £10 off any order, THANKS free full size shower gel/bubble bath with any order. Postage £4.95. Can’t use both codes together here

naked wines offer is worth a mention - the £40 voucher here

Oasis have 20% off full price items using code sparkle20 here

Paperchase 20% off with red20 here

Peppa Pig Space ship at Argos £11.99 here

Photobox - Use offer code 50BOUNTY for 50% off on Personalised Gifts and Prints here

Pumpkin patch 20% off and free delivery with UKPRSC2 here

Red house is the delivery code here dear santa only £1.99 - DD loves this book!

Sock shop free delivery SOCKIT here

Spice kits can be bought from the spicery

Sylvanian Families half price here

Tesco - LOVEAUTUMN gets you £10 off a £50 spend at Tesco clothing until 31 October here

Thorntons have 5 boxes of choc for £20 here

Verbaudet £15 off a £20 spend 5572 here

Wallis jewelry sale here VCFREE for free delivery

Whittard New customers only welcome10 gives 10% off first order at Whittards. And coffee20 gives 20% off coffee here

The works free delivery code BND7 here or OCT20 for 20% off and delivery for 99p

Uniqlo £10 off £60 spend with ocado10. don’t forget the amazing Orla Kiely scarves here

WH Smith book bundles here Try code WHSPIC20 for 20% off and delivery is free for orders of £15, or if you collect from a store.

WHSmith key ring here seems popular

Zulily is worth a look and has new stock every day. 20MUMSNE15 for 20% off use this link to earn me some credit for referrals thanks

BeaWheesht Wed 14-Nov-12 19:02:23

Was it on this thread (the first one) that there was a link to handbag organisers? If so does anyone remember what it was?

Thanks for all your work reastie!

izzyishavingababyAGAIN Wed 14-Nov-12 19:02:37


JBBBean Wed 14-Nov-12 19:09:17

New White Company 20% off code VC26

SayHelloToMyLittleFriend Wed 14-Nov-12 20:47:08

Just wondered if anyone who used the body shop discount code has had to return anything? I want to return 2 of my gift sets but I'm not sure how that will work as I used a £20 off £40 code.

zipzap Wed 14-Nov-12 21:00:38

BeeWheeSht it was me that posted about the handbag organisers.

I've ordered a couple from ebay so hopefully they will come soon - I was going to do eeny meeny miney mo on the cheap ones and keep my fingers crossed, but a MNetter said that she had ordered hers from 'onestoreonline2009' and the quality had been absolutely fine so I went with that one, especially as they were one of the cheapest!

I've ordered these two:
smaller £2.09
bit bigger £2.57

They have sold thousands of items and still have 98.9% positive feedback, so figured they were worth a punt, some of the others only had sold a few hundred things, if that.

There were others that were more expensive from people based in the UK if you need them more quickly - these are supposed to take up to 3 weeks as they are free postage from Hong Kong.

I wanted to give several as christmas presents, which is why I wanted to check they were ok, fingers crossed the timing is such that I will get the ones I ordered soon so will be able to order the others in time! (thank goodness that schools are breaking up so late this year so there's extra time for the second lot to arrive!)

zipzap Wed 14-Nov-12 21:10:51

BeaWheeSht - and depending on whether or not getting an organised handbag is for you as opposed to a) anyone else and b) wanting something to shift between different bags, I've bought myself a really nice handbag that is all organised on the inside...

It's this one: the Grace from MiaTui

I like it because whilst it's first and foremost a nice handbag, they've also thought about the inside of the bag as much as the outside... So, the lining is waterproof, there are lots of pockets on the inside of assorted sizes (to hold pens, phone, key clip, mini organiser bags) plus a bottle holder that's made of neoprene so it will keep a drink for me or kids (or baby bottle if you're at that stage) cool or warm for longer. Plus it came with a cute little matching clutch bag that you can stick your important bits in, say, if you want to switch them to another bag or use as a make up bag. I also bought from them a set of clear inset bags to use in the pockets in the main bag - planning on using one for make up and the other for instant play kit for 2 dc (2x cars, mini colouring book, mini colouring pens, box of raisins)

And all for the bargain sum of £45 (or a bit cheaper for a couple of colours)

Lush77 Wed 14-Nov-12 21:57:19

Hi, would be grateful if anyone has any promotional codes for either mothercare or early learning centre?

BeaWheesht Wed 14-Nov-12 23:04:01

Thanks zipzap smile

Elizabeth22 Thu 15-Nov-12 08:01:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RollingThunder Fri 16-Nov-12 06:41:02

Toys R Us are apparently having a flash sale - 60% off some stuff, only lasts till midnight tonight!

bishboschone Fri 16-Nov-12 10:53:04

Has anyone got a code for isme/very please?

trumpton Fri 16-Nov-12 16:59:55

Thank you for the Celtic Sheepskin code PRE1 for 15% off. Just ordered DD some new ones as hers are 3 years old (and worn every day in the cold) are worn out.

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