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Keeping food warm

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Lifeisontheup Mon 05-Nov-12 18:44:28

I want to hire/buy something to keep veg warm throughout the Xmas lunch. All DC's are virtually adult now and want seconds but having to heat things up/keep returning bowls to the kitchen puts a bit of a dampner on things and I think stops people asking for seconds.
Any ideas? Something like the good old fashioned hostess trolley grin

ivykaty44 Mon 05-Nov-12 23:01:24


A couple of slow cookers heated up during the morning with water - drain the water and place vegetables inside for the duration of dinner, I would think yuo could borrow a couple and put four vegetables in two SC.

Hostess are 200-300 new but you could check out ebay or second hand listings.

Main thing we do is just leave the saucepans on the hob with lids on and make sure everyones plate is very very hot so dinner doesn't go cold, then seconds if they are a little cooler don't get cold on a cold plate

Lifeisontheup Mon 05-Nov-12 23:09:24

That's a good idea, might try the tea light thing, everyone I know who has a slow cooker lives miles away.

Showtime Mon 05-Nov-12 23:56:58

Oven usually stays hot enough for rest of veg etc. if covered in tinfoil and piled in "spare" dishes, gravy for seconds in small Thermos. If time/space allows, a bowl of mashed potatoes can be quickly microwaved to hot, assuming everyone has roast or hasselbacks etc with original platefuls.

Hostess trolleys etc. need room - not always available with extra people.

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