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Help convert this grinch

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Clumsasaurus Mon 05-Nov-12 10:11:58

I've never been a huge fan of Christmas, it just feels like the same old thing every year, same food, same routine, same arguments wink

I now have a DS, just 12 weeks old but I'm so excited for Christmas with him - how can I make it special? What are your family traditions I can steal adopt? Any top tips for pressies for such a little one?

BeaWheesht Mon 05-Nov-12 10:19:13

We do a Xmas eve hamper though I didn't start it until ds was 3 or so. Ds will be 6 at Christmas and dd will be 2 in their hamper they'll get a DVD, bath bomb, Christmas decoration, new pjs and a Xmas book. For a tiny one you coul still get pjs, nice new towel, my first Xmas decorations, a personalised stocking and a Xmas book?

You must buy a silly fancy dress costume, it's mandatory.

jojane Mon 05-Nov-12 10:20:52

He's a little too young for a lot of the traditions I do as mine are 2,4 and 5
We have a wooden train advent calender and we put little sweets or toys in each night
We do the Xmas eve hamper with Xmas pjs, stuff to put out for Santa, hot choc stuff, Xmas DVD etc

I would do lots and lots of twinkly fairy lights, ds1 was a couple of days old his first Xmas and he loved all the lights

YourHandInMyHand Mon 05-Nov-12 10:21:26

I'm not fussed about the presents side of things, and most of the adults in my family have a no present rule, we just buy for the kids.

I focus more on family time/ activities - making nice memories. smile We always go out and do something xmas eve afternoon (just a meal when he was a baby, bowling, theatre, panto, cinema).

When my DS was born I implemented the rule that I would not leave the house on xmas day and I'm pleased I've stuck to that.

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