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present for brother and his wife

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babydreams Sun 04-Nov-12 14:52:51

I am really stuck for ideas on what to buy my brother and his wife I am on a budget as on maternity leave. Previous years i have given cinema vouchers / restaurant vouchers but would rather not give a gift voucher this year. I have a budget of between 15 - 20 pounds. Any ideas would be gratefully received. I have put together a small hamper for our parents so could maybe do this for them but unsure what to put in it.

attheendoftheday Sun 04-Nov-12 15:04:23

What are their interests?

What about something they could use in the house -set of nice glasses, posh corkscrew, photo frame, something like that?

How old?

Posh olive oil and balsamic vinegar always nice: most people use them and it's nice to have a step up in quality from the ones you might buy yourself.

Agree that nice glasses and a bottle to go with is a good idea.

Couple of DVDs, bags of popcorn etc for a night in?

mameulah Sun 04-Nov-12 18:27:52

In Lakeland there are unusual port glasses. I have done a couples gift of that, a small bottle of port, the £10 cheese board from NEXT, and I suppose if you felt like it you could choose some fancy cheese to go with it aswell.

Liking the port and cheeseboard idea a lot.

mameulah Sun 04-Nov-12 22:05:52

I am sure you could get nice port glasses somewhere cheaper though. The bottle of port I bought cost £7 and it was from ASDA, it is a smaller bottle but it looks good. I think it was called DOWS.

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