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Christmas markets - York

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kiwibella Sat 03-Nov-12 16:53:36

please tell me about the Christmas markets in York. What are must see and dos? Any tips?

We are thinking about taking the train up for the day, arriving at 9:30am and returning at 8pm so we will have plenty of time to fill.

Two dds - 16 and 5. Uncertain whether the 16yo will come with us... but maybe!

ivykaty44 Sat 03-Nov-12 17:54:05

I have only been to the Birmingham christmas market which starts just after 20 November, they actually move over and put their children in school in brum.

it is good and lots of tasty food, plenty of tree decorations and wooden toys

kiwibella Sat 03-Nov-12 18:01:30

thanks Ivy, I have heard that the Birmingham market is amazing as well.

I'm confused about where the York market is. Is it away from the city centre?

NUFC69 Sat 03-Nov-12 19:18:04

Up until three years ago my DD and I used to go to the York Christmas market every year - if it's still the same it is called the St. Nicholas' Market and is held on something like a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday either at the end of November or the beginning of December (you can check on line, we used to find out when it was easily enough). It is held in the Market Place (basically outside the Marks and Sparks), the stallholders often wear Victorian costumes and there are usually lovely things to buy, particularly in the way of food and beer.

We live in Newcastle upon Tyne and we used to drive down, park at the MacArthur Glen Shopping Outlets (free) and then catch the Park and Ride into town. We would get there nice and early, spend the morning in the city centre, have lunch there and then catch the bus back to the Shopping Outlets where we would spend the afternoon. I reckon that between the two places we managed to cover most of our Christmas shopping! Would highly recommend it - I am trying to persuade my daughter, but she thinks the 20 month old DS would be a hindrance.

Inthepotty Sat 03-Nov-12 20:47:32

Saint Nics fair is Sat the 1st of December this year. Does get very busy and York is crap for parking (unless you know the sneaky side streets!) so second the suggestion of park and ride at MG Designer Outlet as pp said. There will be a fair and small Christmas railway up at Mcarthur Glenn too, they were building it today.

If you do get to york, the "Christmas Angels" shop is worth a visit, opposite the fudge kitchen and cafe rouge, behind the minster. It's a magical shop with every christmas decoration/toy you could imagine!

Let me know if you want any more York related info!!

Inthepotty Sat 03-Nov-12 20:49:02

The market is slap bang in the city centre.

Inthepotty Sat 03-Nov-12 20:50:15

Sorry, just seen you are thinking of the train. The market and other big stores are a short walk away. Lots of other little shops/unique places surround the market.

BraaaaaainsButterfield Sat 03-Nov-12 20:52:02

Definitely recommend the park and ride as well. NUFC - I would say your DGS would proably be a hindrance unless you could go at a very quiet time. We were in York with a pushchair last Christmas and this year during the Food and Drink fair and both times it was really unenjoyably and stressful to be honest. The outlet OTOH is great with a pushchair!

sarahev Sat 03-Nov-12 20:59:27

Just to note that depending where you are coming from there are actually about 7 park and rides located around York so you do not need to go to the Macarther Glen one (on the South side of York) unless you also want to check out the designer outlet - happy shopping :-)

kiwibella Sat 03-Nov-12 21:33:31

fab, thanks so much ladies! We were actually considering the 1st of December so I'm delighted to know that is a special event. My dd2 (5yo) doesn't 'do' shopping so I'll keep the outlet idea up my sleeve. Dd1 would love that.

CanonFodder Sat 03-Nov-12 22:03:43

There is an outdoor playground at McArthur Glenn too, and The ice factor (an outdoor ice skating rink) are going to be there from the 24th Nov, you can book online.

kiwibella Sat 03-Nov-12 23:19:51

is McArthur Glenn central as well?

This is where I was getting confused!

VivaLeBeaver Sat 03-Nov-12 23:30:34

MacArthur glen is on the ring road, Scarborough rd. think it's the a64. There's a shuttle bus service that takes you to the centre. There can be big queues for buses back to the park and ride Ime.

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