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skylanders for ds or wii?

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frazzled74 Thu 01-Nov-12 22:07:16

sorry for another skylanders post but ds 6 has asked for skylanders for christmas, he doesnt really know much about them other than a lot of his friends talk about them in the playground, he has a 3ds of his own and a wii which is shared with the family. I would like to get him skylanders giants starter pack for the ds so that it is his own personal present but is the game better on a wii? such a lot of money i dont want to make a mistake. also are the figures compatible with all consoles or do wiis have different figures to ds/ps etc? thankyou for any advice as well and truly confused.

Blue81 Thu 01-Nov-12 23:23:07

Hi DS1 has the first skylanders game (Spyros)

The figures play on any console, it doesn't matter which console you use, however the game itself (the disc) is obviously exclusive to whichever console it states on the pack.

There are 3 lots of figures this time around

Series 2 figures - Play on both the older game Spyros Adventure and the new game Giants. (Normal size)

Light ones?? These are the same size as the normal ones but when put on the Portal which is just a round light up thingy which zaps batteries light up inside. Personally don't see the point, they just cost more!

and finally the giants
Bigger figures = more expensive.

I don't know if the giant figures are needed to play the game, you get one in the starter pack along with 2 series 2 figures.

Spyros adventure is a really really good game, especially for the 6 -9 age range, my little boy (aged 7) loves it and we will be buying the Giants game for him for christmas.

We have it on the Wii console and I would probably say better on the Wii rather than DS just because its on a bigger screen and can see the game effects better. Hope this helps x

frazzled74 Sun 04-Nov-12 13:50:45

thanks wii it is then.

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