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What to get for 11 year old and 9 year old boys?

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twolittledarlings Wed 31-Oct-12 22:00:23

What should I get for my friend's 11 year old and 9 year old son?
I don't know what is popular nowadays as I only have girls.

nappydaysagain Thu 01-Nov-12 10:49:25

Lego, Xbox points, Lynx set, pjs? What sort of budget do you have?

Katisha Thu 01-Nov-12 10:50:37

When in doubt get tokens

mummatotwo Thu 01-Nov-12 11:30:52

gift cards for Game or a Bop it!!

twolittledarlings Thu 01-Nov-12 19:07:07

The budget for the 11yr old is between £25 - £30 as he is my godson and the 9 yr old is about £15 as he he just a friends son.

fruitcorner Thu 01-Nov-12 21:41:04

For the 9 year old, I would suggest Nerf gun, Ninjago lego, paper airplane book, Tom Gates/David Walliams/Diary of a Wimpy kid latest book, Airfix model, electronics kit. I think 9 year olds are still happy to receive presents rather than vouchers/cahs
Not sure about the 11 year old.

ChippyMinton Thu 01-Nov-12 22:30:44

11yo - Game or amazon voucher - dull to you, a thrill for an 11yo boy smile

9yo - agree with fruitcorner (although if you go for Airfix, get one with paints included as they are expensive to buy as extras)

twolittledarlings Thu 01-Nov-12 23:39:17

Thank you for the ideas, air fix sounds good.
I know nerd gun is quitE in at the moment but there are so many different types to choose from, any recommendations?

Also, not sure if parents would like me to buy a gun thing toy for there kids. Would you mind if someone got our child a gun type toy?

Does the nerd gun bullets hurt when they are aimed at a child. Don't want my friends' s 9yr old shooting at his younger 5 yr old brother.

ChippyMinton Fri 02-Nov-12 00:13:57

The standard long orange nerf bullets are soft foam, but I do think they could cause an injury if they hit you in the eye for example, at close range. There is a newer type with green discs,but I don't know if they are hard or soft. As always it depends on the child and how sensible they are around younger DC.

NormanTheForeman Fri 02-Nov-12 00:17:22

Depends on the child a bit - ds would be fine with an Amazon voucher but if he had a voucher for Game, would have no idea. He just doesn't do games consoles (he is 11 nearly 12). Still loves his Playmobil though (but not many 11 year olds would).

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