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" year old party food ideas please ??

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pugsmum Tue 30-Oct-12 17:06:56

want something fun , not to expensive , easy to do ! small ish party around 20 people !

seriously lacking food inspiration

pugsmum Tue 30-Oct-12 21:10:02

that was 2 year old

oreocrumbs Tue 30-Oct-12 22:28:57

There was a sandwich snake in a copy of the asda mag a while back that I thought looked cool.

It was bagals made into assorted sandwiches and cut in half to make a C. Then the Cs were laid alternative ways up to make a snake and I think it has a bit of pepper poking out of the end one for a tongue and olives for eyes.

You could make mini face pizzas. Cut an english muffin in half, cover with tomato puree and cheese and then decorate each one with a funny face using whatever meat and veg you fancy. Can be eaten cold.

Jelly cups. Make up a batch of jelly in party cups.

Veg kebabs - make a mini kebab of pepper, cucumber, carrot etc

pugsmum Wed 31-Oct-12 07:38:57

ah wow love the bagel snake idea .. just had a look on asda web and definatly gonna give that a go.... brill

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