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Help me decide on DD's Xmas gift (20mths)

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kiwidreamer Tue 30-Oct-12 13:51:17

DD will be almost 20mths by Xmas, she has an older brother and we have a house full of toys. I am also a shocker for squireling away bargains during the year so I have a few options stored away but I'm just not sure what to actually give her this Xmas.

I have a few Oscar and Ellen sets I could give her like this and this

or I also have this Fudge the pony set in the garage but I'm pretty sure it will be better for her second birthday.

She is also getting a Vtech alphabet bus and a child's chair to sit and read in her room (luffs her books), plus a couple of the M&S sound books.

We have lots of FP Little People, a Happyland house, stacks of duplo / blocks etc. I'm considering a toy kitchen for her second birthday. GP's are getting her a Pintoy rocking dolls bed for Xmas.

I could get a half price Happyland village from Mothercare but seems silly to spend more money if the Oscar and Ellen sets will be okay or the pony. Or something else... just one medium size something!!!!

olibeansmummy Tue 30-Oct-12 14:35:58

The tea sets would be perfect for when she's about 3. She'll appreciate them more then. I'd go for a ride on like a scuttle bug at 20 months, if you don't already have one.

The happy land village is cool though, dn loves hers.

iloveholidays Tue 30-Oct-12 14:53:22

My DD2 is 20 months and has all DD1s (3.9) toys to play with. I would say the two toys she plays with most are the toy kitchen (with all the kitchen toy sets) and baby dolls/buggy.

I've bought a few bits for her doll for Christmas that DD1 didn't have and a few other bits we didn't have for the toy kitchen.

DD1 didn't get the toy kitchen until she was 3 and has played with it loads since then, but I definitely reckon she would have played with it earlier if we'd had it.

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