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Dolls pushchair for 1 year old

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cuteable Tue 30-Oct-12 09:50:08

My dd is going to be 18 months at xmas. She has a cheap stroller from ASDA for her dolls. She is stable on her feet and loves playing with her dolls. So for xmas we were planning on getting her a better buggy. Something like this:

silver cross pram

where the handles adjust. I am a bit worried as it is quite big and the front wheels dont swivel. So it would be difficult for her to steer it.

Any suggestions for alternatives that are a bit better made that ASDA's buggy but not too bulky and have swivel wheels for a 1 year old? I might just forget about it for xmas and get her one for her 2nd birthday or next xmas but I thought Id ask first ...

oreocrumbs Tue 30-Oct-12 09:55:53

I was coming on to recomend the ranger pram. Was £27 in home bargains last week so worth a look.

DD is 2.2 now and of the 3 she has in all honesty the £5 pushchair gets the most use. She also has a baby born one, that is ok.

NDN's DD has the ranger and DD has been playing with that since around the 18 mth mark and manages fine with it.

It is a good sturdy pram and certainly looks like it will last a good few years.

cuteable Tue 30-Oct-12 10:03:24

Thanks. I was looking at getting it from Tesco's as they have the £10 off £75 spend plus 3 for 2 on toys so was going to batch it in with some other things - but I think the offer ends today (hence the panic).

her cousin has the silver cross and DD does use it when there. I am also looking long term as in whats going to interest her over the next 12 months so I guess it will be something for her to grow into.

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