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I'm sure this is going to get a 50/50 split but Biscuits or Chocolates for Pre-school?

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iloveholidays Tue 30-Oct-12 09:35:44

Not sure which to go for...


oreocrumbs Tue 30-Oct-12 09:49:19

Someone last year on here had a great idea. They bought a big box of tea bags and a jar of coffee for the staff room. That and a nice box of buscuits would probably go down well.

FireOverBabylon Tue 30-Oct-12 09:52:46

Biscuits, you never know if their table in the staff room is near a radiator and chocolates would melt.

Plus they can use the tin at a later date to store crayons in.....

JemimaMuddledUp Tue 30-Oct-12 09:52:47

I'd second the tea and coffee, and I work in a nursery school. At least one of us is usually on a diet so trying to avoid the chocolates and biscuits!

iloveholidays Thu 01-Nov-12 21:43:59

Thanks for the suggestions, maybe I'll look into coffee/tea with a smaller box of biscuits.

Silly question though... Wouldn't these be provided by the preschool anyway? I.e. if already there it's not really a treat? Not sure how its funded to be honest.

ImperialStateKnickers Thu 01-Nov-12 21:47:36

Am I the only person who thought this thread was going to be a vote about preschool being bad biscuit or good [chocolate] (see ongoing threads in Site Stuff about We Want a Chocolate Emoticon to go with wine, brew etc?)

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